Our prevention work begins and ends with Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus has come to set the captives free (Luke 4:18), and we are praying daily for the end of human trafficking in all parts of the world.

There is no greater weapon against human trafficking than prayer.

This truth has been proven to us many times as we have rallied supporters and joined in prayer with friends from all across the United States and around the globe. From the rescue of those enslaved to the closing of brothels to the restoration of young women who are now free, we have seen His powerful works in response to prayer.

Every month we chose a city from around the nations on which to focus our prayers. These cities are chosen for their high volumes of trafficking or because we see a need to raise awareness about an issue hidden from the general population. Every Monday, the International House of Prayer focuses all of their intercession sets in the 24/7 prayer room on the ending of human trafficking and related issues. Join the International House of Prayer and Exodus Cry every Monday night at 8:00pm CST for two hours of worship and prayer to intercede for Exodus Cry’s prayer focuses; join the prayer room live at

This month we’re praying for the city of

Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana shares approximately fifteen miles of border with its sister city, San Diego, California. More than 50 million people cross the border between Tijuana and San Diego annually, with an estimated 300,000 border crossings daily. In fact, the migratory influx from Tijuana into the United States is the most active of any site on the entire US-Mexican border; half of the people traveling to the US by land do so through Tijuana. Despite significant increases in security over the years, the border remains a place where human beings—especially women and girls—are bought, sold, and forced into the sex industry in both Mexico and the United States.

The US Department of State reports that Mexico is a significant source, transit, and destination country for victims of sex trafficking. Jorge Bedoya López, the director of the Binational Commission against Human Trafficking, considers Baja California in Mexico—and especially Tijuana—to be a “paradise” for human trafficking.

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Red light prayer: pray for the ending of red light districts each time you stop at a red light. Get the decal to help you remember.

Red. Stop. Pray.

1. Father, we ask that you would protect each child who is living on the streets in Tijuana. Would you place them in families and set them in the safety for which they yearn.

2. God, we ask that the anti-trafficking efforts that are taking place in Tijuana would be successful and that local law enforcement would be able to see the crime and stop it from happening.

3. Jesus we are asking for new anti-trafficking legislation in Tijuana that would foster the protection of women and children and curb the demand for commercial sex.