The Freedom Journal
May 13th, 2022
Protect Kids From Porn – Best Online Filtering Software Reviews

Join us in the fight to protect children from underage exposure to porn. Sign our petition to require age verification, with government ID, on all sites hosting pornographic content! Over the past five years, the average age at which children are first exposed to sexually explicit content has dramatically fallen. Underage exposure to porn and frequent porn use is one of the biggest threats to children’s safety in this generation....

May 5th, 2022
Human Trafficking Story: I Was Trafficked for Sex as a Child

*Trigger Warning: This article contains sensitive content that references trafficking, sexual assault, and child abuse. The night has always been frightening for me. My parents divorced when I was quite young, and as a little child I would cry throughout the night while at my dad’s home—mainly because I desperately desired to be with my mom. By the time I was in first grade my father had already remarried and...

April 28th, 2022
Girls Gone Wild Founder Joe Francis Exposed in New Documentary

*Trigger Warning: This article features sensitive content, including written references of physical abuse, sexual assault and rape. Girls Gone Wild became a household name in the early 2000s after their videos of wet t-shirt contests and girls flashing their breasts on camera raked in $20 million in two years. By 2004, the franchise was amassing $100 million annually and featured numerous celebrities. But what was sold as sexy, spring break...

April 22nd, 2022
Kids are Welcomed into Metaverse Brothels and Strip Clubs

In the rapidly growing metaverse—a 3D virtual reality version of the internet—there is no differentiation between children and adults as they freely roam around and interact with others in virtual form. Posing as a 13-year-old girl in a recent BBC investigation, researcher Jess Sherwood created a fake profile and entered a VR chat room, quickly finding her way to a metaverse strip club where she witnessed “grooming, sexual material, racist...

April 14th, 2022
My Husband Trafficked Me For Sex

I met my trafficker in high school. He was in the grade above mine. He lured me out of high school with promises of a good life, assuring me I could just get my GED and become successful. He started advertising me online, without my knowledge, and that’s when men started coming to our apartment to rape me. I didn’t know I was being trafficked, prostituted, then. When I ask...

April 6th, 2022
Why Did TED Ban This Talk on Prostitution By a Survivor?

Recently, our friend Harmony Grillo, the daughter of a trafficking survivor, herself a survivor of pimp-controlled exploitation, had her TED Talk banned by TED. The video, titled, “Prostitution: The Oldest Oppression in the Book,” originally got the full tick of approval by TED who later decided to ban it for having a “political agenda.” In the video, Harmony, the Founder and Executive Director of a nonprofit that provides recovery services...

March 25th, 2022
Child Sexual Abuse Material, “Child Porn,” Has Reached Crisis Levels

*Trigger Warning: This article contains sensitive content that references sexual abuse and child abuse. “As far back as I can remember, I see cameras, adults touching me, giving me something to drink. I see lingerie in miniature sizes. My earliest memories are of being forced to pose for child pornography, of being sexually abused. I grew up near a major interstate highway. My abuser would bring me to rest stops...

March 17th, 2022
Secrets of Playboy A&E Documentary Reveals Truth About Porn Industry

TRIGGER WARNING: This blog contains written references to violent and disturbing sexual scenarios. Since its first publication featuring a raunchy nude centerfold of Marilyn Monroe in 1953, the Playboy brand has been built into a prolific and influential household name known for ushering in the sexual revolution, mainstreaming the widespread cultural acceptance of female objectification, and introducing millions upon millions of people to porn for the first time. Though the...

March 11th, 2022
8 Children Recovered, 200 Sex Buyers Arrested in LA During Super Bowl 2022

For the 56th Super Bowl, Exodus Cry partnered with 15+ local anti-trafficking organizations (the SLAATC coalition) for a week of coordinated outreaches to those exploited in the sex industry throughout Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, 74 adults exploited in prostitution were assisted, eight children were rescued, 34 suspected traffickers and 200 sex buyers (also known as “johns”) were arrested in the 10 days leading up...

March 3rd, 2022
Ukrainian Refugee Women, Girls Are Vulnerable to Trafficking After Russian Invasion

Donate to the Ukraine Refugee Partners Fund On February 24, in an unprovoked act of violence and terror, Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Russia’s neighboring country Ukraine. The war that has since broken out has already caused devastating loss of life and over a million Ukrainian people to flee. Unfortunately, Ukraine is already a nation extremely vulnerable to trafficking. As we discuss in our documentary, Nefarious, Eastern Europe has...

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