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Catalyst Moment in Hong Kong

Last month Nefarious was welcomed into the city of Hong Kong for the first time, breaking new ground in our abolition work in Asia. Exodus Cry teamed up with Lois Choy of Door Ministries to organize a three-day trip that would aim to focus as much of the public and media’s attention to the issue of modern-day slavery as possible. Our Manager of Policy and Public Affairs, Laila Mickelwait, flew out with an eagerness to see what God would do, knowing that prostitution is both legal in Hong Kong and heavily controlled by organized crime syndicates. This tour would be an important opportunity to raise awareness about sex trafficking, speak before various spheres of influence, and turn public sentiment towards action.

What ensued went above and beyond our expectations; the Nefarious: Merchant of Souls Gala Premiere in Hong Kong attracted dozens of media representatives, sold out its 600 seat theater, and continued to sell out at one of Hong Kong’s major cinemas for over two weeks! In addition, the media had spread the word about Nefarious and Exodus Cry far and wide with half-page newspaper stories, radio interviews, television coverage and more. Following the premiere, executives of Barclays Bank and the Women’s Business Network were so impacted by the plight of those suffering from this injustice that they decided to host a private screening for the whole company at UA Cinemas. The impact overflowed into the legislative arena too. After presenting before different Hong Kong-based lawyer groups and members of the HK Legislative Council, several of them wanted to take immediate steps towards working on reform in the city.

Needless to say, Hong Kong proved to be amazingly fertile ground for the call to abolition and good news on the impact of Nefarious kept coming our way even after Laila had flown home,

“The Gala Premiere was a major catalyst moment.  A movement to fight human trafficking in Hong Kong has begun and we were thrilled to be a part of what God is doing there. There has been a snowball effect and reports keep coming in even four weeks after the premiere!”–Laila Mickelwait