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An Invitation From Benjamin Nolot

Dear Friends,

Our annual Abolition Summit has become more than just a conference. Over the past few years it has become a family gathering of those engaged in combatting slavery and human trafficking around the world.

As I look forward to this year’s gathering, my heart bears a significant burden regarding the role of the modern abolitionist. Through every sincere effort to bring justice and to end this atrocity, are we embracing a lifestyle of empathy and healing? True justice requires deep, personal connectedness to the plight of the oppressed—this is what Christ embodied.

Jesus said that He came to heal the brokenhearted. This was His “mission statement” in His very first sermon. He didn’t come to earth just to stop wrong things from happening, but He walked with and among the people in a relational way. He wept for them. His heart was connected to them as individuals, and from this context He brought healing.

I’ve reached out to some of my fellow abolitionists and asked them to share from their years of experience with a special focus on healing. You’ll hear a miraculous story of deliverance from someone who was trafficked in Las Vegas, a former sex buyer who is now helping others find freedom, a leading researcher on prostitution and trafficking, and compelling insight from one who has been battling child sex trafficking on the front lines for a decade, among others. Their powerful stories alone will be worth the journey, in addition to the very practical equipping you’ll receive for combatting commercial sexual exploitation.

We are also thrilled to introduce you to our latest film. Most of you became aware of Exodus Cry through our documentary Nefarious, and with your help, we believe this next project will take the message of abolition to millions more.

Please join us August 6th-8th in downtown Kansas City for Exodus Cry’s fourth annual Abolition Summit. You will be challenged, equipped, and changed. Read about each of our phenomenal speakers and what you’ll learn at


Benjamin Nolot

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