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City in Focus: Minneapolis, MN

During the days leading up to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, Exodus Cry will be partnering with our friends at Action169 and the Minnesota Apostolic Prayer Network for Justice Awakening 52, a three day prayer, worship, and training conference, February 1-3rd.

As millions of men and women are glued to the television watching this revered game, advertisers and entertainers make unabashed attempts to push porn culture into the households of the nation through pornified commercials and halftime shows that feature hyper-sexualized women. Playing on the sex sells message, we are grieved that year after year this annual event goes further in promoting a toxic masculinity and femininity that casts men as consumers of female’s sexuality and females as sexual objects. On top of this, needless to say, any event that draws thousands of men from all walks of life is expected to increase the demand for purchasing women for sex in that city, and therefore furthers the sexual exploitation industry.

Year after year this annual event goes further in promoting a toxic masculinity and femininity

That is why the Super Bowl—an event cherished in American culture—is an important time to focus on the restoration of our culture as it relates to the acceptance of sexual exploitation and of the ending of male demand for commercial sex.

This month let us join together in prayer for the transformation of hearts during the Super Bowl and for the success of the Justice Awakening 52 event. Specifically let us pray:

  • that as abolitionists from across the country gather, and prayers and praises circle Minneapolis, the walls of exploitation and abuse begin to crack and crumble in that region and across America
  • that the sound of survivors and allies calling for stories to be heard would drive change and reform in our culture concerning entitlement and the objectification and exploitation of women’s sexuality
  • that those attending the Justice Awakening 52 event would encounter the Father’s heart for those enslaved in the sex industry and leave the event trained and equipped to begin works of abolition and outreach to the vulnerable and exploited in their own cities
  • for law enforcement to catch perpetrators and offer assistance to victims
  • for men tempted to purchase sex during the Super Bowl to be empowered to choose a different way and cease from exploiting women
  • for healing communities across Minneapolis to arise, that many would walk with survivors on their journey into healing and restoration

If you are interested in participating in Justice Awakening 52, learn more and register here.