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Fanatic Effect: Craig Huggart

Craig Huggart, a 51-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama, supports  Exodus Cry by serving as a visible presence of our mission during triathlon events. In an effort to spark a transformation in red-light districts around the world, Craig has designed his triathlon jersey to include the Red-Light Prayer decal and the logo for Nefarious, our documentary film that exposes disturbing trends in today’s sex industry. Craig wears his specially-designed jersey to raise awareness. He hopes that when people see him competing, they will search for the initiatives displayed on his jersey and get involved.

Incurable Fanatics like this are so crucial in the fight against human trafficking. Because injustice is so pervasive we need all hands on deck to bring freedom to every enslaved woman or child. There are as many ways to help as there are people who care.

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