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Fanatic Effect: Jolene

Jolene is from Apple Valley, Minnesota, just outside of the Twin Cities. When she recognized the problem of sex trafficking in her community, she decided to share the Nefarious film with her coworkers. At her first screening, Jolene’s sister, who is a photographer, sold prints and donated the proceeds to Exodus Cry.  After the screening, her friends were inspired to share the powerful stories they’d heard with others.  Encouraged by this ripple effect, Jolene’s next goal is to hold another screening with even more friends. She hopes to partner this screening with an art and jewelry sale to benefit our organization. As a singer and musician, Jolene dreams of eventually recording albums. She plans to donate the proceeds to Exodus Cry and other local shelters.

Incurable Fanatics like this are so crucial in the fight against human trafficking. Because injustice is so pervasive we need all hands on deck to bring freedom to every enslaved woman or child. There are as many ways to help as there are people who care.