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Fanatic Effect: Melissa Glenn

Melissa Glenn from Hot Springs, Arkansas recently learned about sex trafficking through a friend and also through a presentation by Exodus Cry founder Benjamin Nolot. Melissa uses her platform as a middle school history teacher to effectively educate middle school students and other teachers about modern-day slavery. Melissa has also connected with Rush Hour Traffic, a ministry that is raising funds and awareness in her community. During Exodus Cry’s Incurable Fanatic’s Tour, Melissa hosted a screening in her hometown. This led to a weekly prayer group with Rush Hour Traffic. In addition, Melissa is working with her town’s mayor to create stricter legislation in regards to sex trafficking. Because of her efforts, the mayor appointed Melissa as the community chairperson for Project Hope, a local volunteer program. Together they will be creating new legislation regarding the regulation of massage parlours that they learned about through the Polaris Project. Melissa is also working on an awareness program that will be introduced in schools and churches throughout the state, and she is partnering with local law enforcement to discuss effective methods for the prevention of trafficking and commercial sex. Melissa plans to post a human trafficking hotline number in all hotels and truck stops in the Hot Springs area.

Incurable Fanatics like this are so crucial in the fight against human trafficking. Because injustice is so pervasive we need all hands on deck to bring freedom to every enslaved woman or child. There are as many ways to help as there are people who care.