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Liberdade: A Home

A story from our partners in Brazil, Shores of Grace.

In Brazil, we meet with children who live on the streets. We talk with them. We pray for them. Most of the time, we bring a fun activity and something to break the ice and encourage creative expression. For these children, simple playtime activities—ones that seem so normal to us in the United States—offer a rare respite from daily struggles.

One day, we were sitting in a park with a group of these children. We gave each child crayons and a piece of paper and asked them to draw their dreams. Without talking to one another, they each drew a picture of a house. We learned that to a child on the streets, the kingdom of heaven looks like a safe home. It looks like a house where they are loved and cherished—a place where someone speaks into their lives and offers appreciation for who they are and encouragement for all that they could someday be. But for these girls and boys, the promise of a loving father and a safe home seems like just a dream.

“Because what does the kingdom of heaven look like to a child who lives on the streets? It looks like a safe home.” -Rachael Billman, Shores of Grace

Exodus Cry is working in Brazil to make the dreams of these children a reality by training knowledgeable, compassionate caretakers and connecting them with safe home ministries and church communities. It is our dream that as many children as possible will know a safe home where they are protected, cherished, and taught about the Father who loves them.