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Ruth Isn’t the Name on Her Birth Certificate

When a young woman enters Exodus Cry’s aftercare program for survivors of sex trafficking, she is given a pseudonym. This is one of the steps we take to ensure her anonymity and safety and to protect her story in the early stages of recovery. Her story is usually the only thing that hasn’t been taken from her.

At Exodus Cry, we treat the personal testimonies of those we work with as sacred. Sharing her own story of survival—in her own timing—can be a significant step in the healing process for a young woman who has endured the abuses of traffickers. If her experience is exploited or exposed too early along the journey to recovery, it can be devastating.

“They triumphed over [the accuser] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” -Revelation 12:11

Ruth’s story is that of a typical young woman who has come through our doors. She has just turned eighteen before we meet her. She was referred to us by another local social service agency, but she is anxious to get back to “the life.”

Her past lifestyle might have been exploitative, degrading, and dangerous. But it was familiar.

After an initial stabilization period, she is given the chance to stay in our safe home and receive the care and support of our staff. If Ruth chooses to remain in our aftercare program, she will be offered extensive trauma-focused therapy and any other medical or practical services she needs.

But the restoration process could take several years or more. It is an intricate process to rebuild a life. Eventually she will be introduced to a “safe family” who has been rigorously screened and equipped to welcome her into their home. The refuge of an authentic and supportive family is essential for Ruth to cultivate the ability to trust. She hasn’t been shown that kind of love before.

Ultimately, the love of Christ has promised to sustain her through the journey and to turn what was intended for evil into good. Along the way, she will need help and our support to recover that which was stolen from her.

Approximately $2,500 a month will support Ruth’s recovery process and provide for her stay in our safe home. Please consider donating at any amount to Exodus Cry this year-end. You will help ensure that Ruth and so many others like her receive the care and compassion they deserve.

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