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The Spirit of Adoption

In one breath she said, “Here is God“ and He replied, “I am yours.“ 
This started the history of a family begun–between an orphaned girl and a Son. Joined together in that breath, she did not know where it lead.

Many times He mentioned a mansion filled with children. He spoke of a Father who was His and could belong to others. She wanted this affection, to belong to this place in Heaven. But for now, she would go about living only as she knew how. To her newfound Friend she told the stories from back then. No one had ever heard what had been the life of this girl.

He listened intently and hope filled her memories. 
Confused at the light in His eyes, she asked, “What do you see?” He said He saw many things but wanted her to now know His story.

She learned of this Man acquainted with grief; no stranger to sorrow, He knew all pain. As she heard the story unfold, so did her heart at the words He spoke.

When it was time for the end, He said that the story starts again. That with each new friend all along—it’s a family that begins.

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    July 3rd, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    Thank you…