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What Your Support Accomplished in 2013

In this special season of giving thanks, we’d like to reflect on an incredible year. While human trafficking remains a global crisis, we are encouraged by positive developments in our Prevention, Intervention, and Restoration work. We have a lot to be thankful for and so many people to thank. To all who have prayed for an end to human trafficking, provided financial backing, or helped raise awareness about our mission, we are so grateful for your support!

It is with thanksgiving that we share these highlights from 2013:

  • Through our Intervention work, we have reached out to young women being exploited in street and online prostitution venues. In Kansas City alone, we have contacted 633 exploited individuals in the commercial sex industry and distributed 67 Hope Bags; many of these individuals have made courageous choices to escape prostitution.
  • This year, we were able to expand our Restoration program to take in more women and children in our outpatient care and our safe homes, which we call LightHouses.
  • Through our Restoration program, we were able to continue offering services to women in our care including: special interest classes, a mentorship program, spiritual development, education, nutrition & fitness training, life & job skills training, legal counsel & advocacy, medical & dental care, trauma therapy, and more.
  • Nefarious: Merchant of Souls was screened before the United States Congress at the Capitol building. More than 50 representatives, senators, legislative directors and assistants, and foreign policy directors were in attendance.
  • At our Second Annual Abolition Summit, we were able to raise awareness and provide training to more than 1,000 abolitionists from all over the world. The event was described as “beautiful, inspiring, eye-opening, compelling, and life-changing.”
  • Our journey to Hong Kong provided opportunities to spread awareness about human trafficking. Government officials in Hong Kong told us that our documentary film, Nefarious, opened their eyes to the tragedies of human trafficking. One immigration official in particular was so moved by the film that he offered to share it with his superiors. His hope was that officials in powerful positions would be motivated to take action.
  • In preparation for the 2014 FIFA World Cup taking place in twelve Brazilian cities next summer, we launched “Liberdade,” an initiative designed to spread awareness and spur preventative action against sex trafficking in Brazil through prayer and outreach.
  • Our Exodus Cry Prevention team met with government officials in major cities throughout Europe. Our screening tour took us to Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.
  • Our Film department has traveled to 15 states, shot over 80 interviews, and collected 500 hours, or 12.71 terabytes, of footage for the sequel to Nefarious.

Because of your support, much more has happened in 2013 than we can fit into a single blog, but as you can see, it has been a year of promising developments and countless blessings. It has been a privilege to join with abolitionists and friends, locally and around the world, who share our mission to end slavery and human trafficking. From all of us at Exodus Cry, “Thank you!”