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The Woman Covered in Bright Light

In 2014 our supporters partnered with us to send Exodus Cry teams to all twelve World Cup host cities in Brazil, establishing prayer and outreach for a whole month during the games. We helped train 1500 abolitionists across Brazil, many of whom have continued in prayer and outreach to the sexually exploited. Here is one of the stories from our partners in Rio…

The outreach team met a young woman involved in street prostitution. They spent a little time with her, but she seemed indifferent and was not very open to talking with them. The team wished her well and left her with a note inviting her to a weekly luncheon that they host for girls and young women. A few minutes later, a sex buyer picked her up and she was gone.

The next day, this same young woman came to the prayer room and shared her incredible story.

The sex buyer, who had picked her up right after her meeting with the outreach team, proceeded to drive her far from the city. She became afraid and sensed that there was something very dark about him.

The young woman cried out to God and began to pray the Bible verse over and over again.

She was still holding the invitation in her hand that our team had given her. The invitation included a Bible verse. The young woman cried out to God and began to pray the Bible verse over and over again.

Suddenly, the man pulled over and asked her what she was doing. When she replied that she was praying, the man told her to get out of his car. He said that he’d been planning to kill her and had driven far outside of the city, not for sex but to take her life. He said he couldn’t go through with it because she was surrounded by such bright light as she was praying.

As the woman shared her story with the team, she revealed that she was deeply impacted and knows that the Lord saved her life. But her story is far from over. The team has begun to build a relationship with her, and we are praying that the Lord fills her with knowledge of her worth as one of God’s children.

We are thankful for Brazilian abolitionists who are committed to the fight for freedom in their home country. Their continued works are a testimony to the power of living out the Lord’s heart of justice.

Rio de Janeiro is currently our City in Focus. Please continue to join us in prayer for breakthrough in this beautiful city—that the sale of sex would no longer be tolerated as normal here, that the captives of sexual exploitation would be set free, and that the Lord would continue to raise up compassionate abolitionists who will be His hands and feet.