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Calling Forth Light in Brazil

As the eyes of the sporting world begin to turn their gaze toward Brazil for the World Cup 2014 and the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016, a team from Exodus Cry prepares to carry a torch of light, life and freedom to this nation steeped in human trafficking and sexual exploitation. At Exodus Cry, we believe that prayer is the foundation of every move of God on behalf of those most vulnerable. While in Brazil, we will be contending in prayer with both Iris Ministries in Fortaleza and Shores of Grace Ministries in Recife to see the hope of Christ amidst the darkness of trafficking and sexual exploitation. Our journey to Northeast Brazil begins mid-October when we will pray with the Iris Ministries team and join them in outreach to vulnerable children who are at-risk of being exploited. Our goal is to partner with them in the foundation of prayer, worship, and outreach they have already established in the favelas of Fortaleza. After our time in Fortaleza we’ll travel to Recife to join our friends at Shores of Grace Ministries. Led by Nic and Rachael Billman, this amazing team is bringing the Kingdom of God to the streets of Recife. In some of the darkest, more violent places in this city, their team is seeing the love of God heal the broken, restore the oppressed and set free women and children who are being exploited for sex. They are preparing to launch a rescue home that will house street children who have been prostituted or are vulnerable to exploitation. We count it an honor to link arms and walk with these marvelous comrades who are already doing significant work in their cities not only to rescue the oppressed but also to shift the atmosphere through prayer and worship. Building relationships with these ministries and churches is the focus of this trip as we assess how we can best work together to shed increased light upon this injustice.

Why Northeast Brazil?

Boasting beautiful beaches and a burgeoning sex industry, this nation sits by as an estimated 250,000 children, usually under the age of 14, are prey to the appetites of pedophile sex tourists pouring in from both the U.S. and Europe. In fact, the Brazilian Federal Police believe that up to 400,000 children a year are sold in prostitution, especially at resorts and in other tourist areas. Notably, Brazil has seen the exploitation of young boys in commercial sex more than many other places. Therefore, we understand this to be a key launching area from which we can help to reach this nation with the love of Jesus. To that end, a door of opportunity has blown wide open in this nation for this team to run through and link arms with The Call Brazil on November 9, held in Belo Horizonte. To date, an afternoon screening of Nefarious is planned before The Call, which will raise awareness in this country greatly effected by the international sex trade.

The cities of Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo, and Rio will be the next stopping points for the Exodus Cry team where we will screen Nefarious to local churches and ministries. Please contact Exodus Cry with any contacts and partnerships for screenings from November 11-20 in these cities. We are excited to cap off this fall tour in Brazil with a screening at the Dunamis young-adult conference in Sao Paulo, November 17 and 18.

Please join us as we pray and prepare to head into Brazil with the light of Jesus and message of justice.

One Comment on “Calling Forth Light in Brazil”

  1. Pornografia destroi Says:
    August 17th, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    May God richly bless the people of Exodus Cry as you work to free the people of that blessed yet chained nation. Two children being sexually exploited would be two too many, but according to one study cited by Shores of Grace, there may be as many as 2,000,000 children under the age of 18 working in prostitution within Brazil. The BBC recently reported that the nation is on the verge of overtaking Thailand for the dubious honor of world leader in child prostitution, and as you said, this is prior to the 2014 World Cup (to be held at venues all over Brazil) and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, both of which will bring in many “sex tourists”. Again, prayers for you all.