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Drug Trafficking Boss Brought To Justice

Antonio Quinn was sentenced Monday to 25 years federal imprisonment for drug trafficking. He plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine through houses around 20th and Longwood.

The investigation that led to his capture, along with six other collaborating traffickers, was code-named Operation Camera Shy. It was carried out by the FBI; Kansas City, Kan Police Department and Kansas City, MO Police Department to name a few. Through electronic surveillance and undercover buyers, the authorities gathered enough evidence to bring these traffickers to justice.

Due to the dedicated prayers of the Saints, and the efforts of law enforcement, these men will no longer be allowed to steal the lives of our teens. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers and bringing justice to Kansas City.

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One Comment on “Drug Trafficking Boss Brought To Justice”

  1. Luigi Rosolin Says:
    July 20th, 2011 at 8:52 am

    Take courage and love with sacrifaice to have done this,God bless and save Antonio too.