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Help us reach 1,000 women and girls in Brazil

This summer, the World Cup will begin in Brazil. Thousands of tourists will flock to the newly constructed arenas and the dazzling landscapes. But in the shadows, oppression is already lurking. A booming sex trade is flourishing. Brazil has been ranked as one of the premier sex tourism destinations of the world. Now with the influx of visitors arriving for the World Cup, we foresee a devastating tsunami of sexual exploitation about to hit this nation.

Statistics indicate that 250,000 to 400,000 children are trafficked within Brazil’s borders. Girls, often younger than 13, are sold to johns for as little as 10 reis each ($4.50 USD).

Help Exodus Cry bring freedom to the women and children trafficked in Brazil and around the world, through prayer, outreach, and training of local residents who serve as abolitionists in their home country. The effort will culminate at the start of the World Cup in June of 2014 and continue throughout the 31 days of the games.

Please consider supporting Liberdade and all of Exodus Cry’s initiatives to bring freedom to the captives.
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