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Why You Should Join Us in Houston for the Super Bowl

South Africa. New Orleans. London. Brazil.

These are places we’ve been that remind us of new stories being written.

These were destinations for past major sporting events where, just beyond the reach of the lights and the cameras, sexual exploitation was taking place. But more importantly, these are places where lives would be forever changed.

For the past few years, Exodus Cry has had the honor of mobilizing outreach teams to those caught in the sex industry. We’ve done this in cities where events like the Super Bowl, the World Cup, and the Olympics have taken place.

And in every one of these places we’ve seen the hand of God move and incredible new stories unfold.

We’ve seen thousands reached through city-wide outreach. We’ve seen exploited women find freedom. We’ve seen sex buyers give their lives to Jesus. And we believe there are more miracles to come as we travel to Houston for the Super Bowl this February.

Why do we target major sporting events?

These kind of events have the potential to draw incredible numbers of sex buyers and traffickers know this. Statistics show that the amount of ads selling sex surge on sites like around these events. Additionally, strip-clubs and brothels are commonly filled with additional girls from “out of town.”

In addition to the increased exploitation, media attention and energy around such events create a prime opportunity. It’s an opportunity to mobilize the church and local communities into action. With experience leading both outreach and prayer on location during five major sporting events, Exodus Cry is ready to travel down to Houston, Texas, for the 51st Super Bowl.

We’re excited to partner with our good friends at Elijah Rising, a local anti-trafficking organization based in Houston—a city with the highest number of trafficking victims in the country, according to the Texas Assistant Attorney General.

Our strategy

This year, together with Elijah Rising, we’ll gather hundreds of willing abolitionists. We’ll offer them the best outreach training we have to offer, and send them out to the streets, clubs, brothels, and cantinas. Because these are known locations where exploitation regularly takes place—where tragic stories are waiting to be rewritten.

On February 1 Exodus Cry will host a 1-day intensive Intervention Workshop, where every attendee will receive our brand new Intervention and Outreach Manual. Then, February 1-4 Elijah Rising will be hosting the Justice Rally. This event will begin the evening of February 1 through February 4. It will be a time of additional training and incredible opportunity to do outreach across Houston to both sex buyers and those who are bound in the sex industry.

We are excited to invite YOU to join us in Houston, Texas, February 1-4, to be a part of this training and outreach event!

Get registration details here.

Though not every one of you can join us in Houston, you can be a part of helping to write new stories for those whose lives are entangled in the sex industry. Your gift today will help fuel intervention and outreach work so that many more can find freedom.

Through the end of the year, our City in Focus is Houston. As such, we encourage you to pray with us for this city and this upcoming outreach event. We believe as the Lord moves we will see huge breakthrough in the city of Houston! Tune in to our human trafficking prayer meeting streamed live from the IHOPKC prayer room every Monday, 4-6pm CST.