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Every Knee Shall Bow. Every Tongue Shall Confess.

I know my knee will bow
One day my tongue will let it all out
Here, there are not enough words to say
All that I feel about the way
My knee will bow and my tongue will say
I am not a slave
Your love was not man-made
Your heart is for me
Small me—a person gone unseen
Until the King showed her how to bow
With a heart full of knowing how
Sheʼs not a slave
Speaking she says, “He will not make me.”
I am here for saving
Receiving all lessons
But never believing the wrong impression
Of love’s confession
This knee bows with a willing ear
And gives herself freely to Him

Not for their salvation or His demanded dedication
For Love
For Celebration
I know Him
He let me in
Me—small me
Choosing to see
And show me did He
How He also bends His knee
To wash my feet
To wipe my streams
Off the face of captivity
Bringing light for the eyes to spring like a well deep inside of a tree
Budding as a flower
Planted again
After the plucking from hands of men

Replant me
That I may bow
In the sun of Your laughter
In the brightness of Your life after slavery
Comes willing knees
If they could only meet the King
Their bow would be free