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Introducing Our New Blog Series: From Lost to Found

We would like to officially introduce the newest blog writer to our community: Nichole. Nichole is not only a talented and an exceptional writer, but also holds an extremely precious place in the story of Exodus Cry. She has courageously graduated from our Restoration Program and will be the first to speak on our Blog as a survivor of the industry, to bring healing and shed light through her writing. “I want to give insight into the process of restoration (and all that follows into that category: redeeming, revealing, repairing…etc.) while celebrating each part of the heart that has been made whole. My hope is to spread redemption through an inspirational form of writing founded on the work that Jesus walks a victim through. I am writing to the victims and the witnesses—the ones who have been through it, the ones who have heard the stories, and the ones who have opened their hearts to do something about it.” Below is the first piece from Nichole’s blog series, From Lost to Found.

“The Restoration Process”

They say even the rocks will cry out when there is no praise given to the Lord. I remember when I became a rock. Wisdom spoke to me in The Great Tragedy. There I knew to become the Rock. As a flower my petals were torn off and I watched; seeing my stem being ripped up from the roots. I gave up my form as the Lilly. It was terrible watching my white petals carrying their sweet fragrance be squeezed into the crisp brown withering leaf just as the others that surrounded me. I knew. I just knew I must hide and be known as the Rock. 
-Luke 19:40-


It was a beautiful day when the time of love came. He passed over me and in the shadow of His wing I was safe to come back as the Lilly. But where could I go to find all of my petals? Exodus Cry was like a Land to me. With its fertile soil, a river that ran in the middle, and other flowers to show me the beauty that had been so far removed, the Land was where I could be replanted and blossom again. -Ezekiel 16-

One day while in the Land I noticed as a flower I was becoming very tall. In fact I realized I was no longer a flower anymore; but a tree! This happened so fast. Yet as I stood there as the Tree I remembered every piece of bark being put on. I felt every root and knew exactly how it became so grounded. -Psalm 1-

Then each day I would hear the sound of a vibrating strength inside me. It was a comforting voice I had known throughout it all. It sounded like my voice. It sounded like His voice. It sounded like Exodus Cryʼs voice. It was the Voice. The Voice that laughed with me when each petal was placed back. The Voice that wept with me when the shell of the Rock was broken into. The Voice that pushed back the sounds of the Great Tragedy from me ever hearing it again. The Voice reminds me I am the Tree, that it was okay to be the Rock, that I will always be the budding Lilly.

This is my restoration process. This is my life of love and freedom, of joy and peace. This is me. Even as the Rock I cried out.

For Exodus Cry:
Where flowers have a field to grow
Their beauty will show
His creation will be seen
And the Rocks of the Land will be Flowers in the making
One day to be many shades of Trees.

Thank You,

A critical aspect of our Restoration Program is to provide women like Nichole a concrete and safe facility for their restoration process. Through the gracious donations of our supporters and friends, we raised a new LightHouse in May of this year and it’s already been five months since its inauguration in Kansas City. Time has flown by and we are now currently in the middle of renovations so that the facility will be as up-to-date and in the best condition possible. If you would like to make a special donation towards the LightHouse, click here. (Each of these donations will go directly to the LightHouse).

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