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Psalm Sixty-Nine

There is an “I” in the drowning.
Not able to stand; yet something is speaking.
Weary and failing eyes still see
And wait for God
To save them from the water
To save them from their drowning.

The shadow of hate cannot fall on love.
The strength of bad days still leaves the glimmer of hope.

Though they make you work for what you do not owe
In your soul there’s a will that stands strong.

Bright and beautiful are the humble ones
Who wait for the Lord while being hated without cause.

The days are long and without reward.
Even the friends confuse who they are.
Loneliness is near, but so is the zeal
To be saved from a drowning, a drowning that they feel.

Laughs of the laughing surround the air.
Echoes of reproach flow in and out of ears.

All around another sound rings;
A prayer for mercy in just the right timing
A battle for truth for what’s been subdued.

The strongest “I” will be revealed
Not through their lips but through His.

In deliverance from trouble, they will see clear
The shine of salvation, truth in their ears.

Nothing is hidden, for He knows all.
Even in a heart broken an “I” stands tall.

Seek God and your heart will live
For He hears the poor and does not despise those who are His.

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