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What is it like to be utterly mocked? To feel the effects of sin and perversion so personally applied to you? To feel the scorn toward the image of God constantly targeted on you? For many of us, one embarrassing event or malicious joke can be rather disturbing. There’s that thought of, “How could anyone not value me? What did I do?” It can seem so illogical.

We assume that it’s the one–in–a–million who would hate or intentionally demean us. Imagine the opposite for trafficked women. Everyone has blatantly ridiculed them, looking at them with either contempt or patronizing pity. In their life, it’s actually the one–in–a–million who has cared for them. The question becomes, “How could anyone honor me?” It seems illogical that someone would have a pure interest in them.

Those around her treat her as if they don’t see her, at least not the person she was meant to be. Again and again her identity is assaulted until she has lost track of who she really is. Suddenly, her name is nothing more than a label and her identity is buried. To her it feels as if she will never find herself again. No one sees her, so who is she?

In restoration, there is a process of learning a whole new world; where the initiation of a relationship is not set–up in order to humiliate them but from a genuine desire to know and love them. A world where not only is it possible for them to rediscover themselves but they get the opportunity as well.

There has been such scorn placed on their willingness to trust. They have been accused of being responsible for the abuse due to their “gullibility” or “stupidity” in trusting. On multiple levels they have felt the shame of believing. Trust is seen as something for dreaming fools.

As the Word is central to all therapeutic work, women are encountering the knowledge of a holy God and being renewed in hope to believe. Oh the beauty in the promise of a loving God who honors belief and specifies that with Him there will be no shame in trusting. How glorious that He releases who we are so we can soar on eagles wings. The Lord, faithful and true in all His ways, says that those who look to Him in their need will be radiant and not ashamed. With the Lord, trust is safety and wisdom.