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Battlefront: Kansas City

Recently, the 700 Club did a report on three Kansas City based organizations, that includes Exodus Cry, that are fighting human trafficking. While, understandably, most people think that trafficking is a crime that takes place “a world away,” most are shocked to discover that human trafficking takes place in many American cities as in Kansas City.

Kansas City is the site of a multi-disciplinary assault on all of the factors that contribute to modern-day sex slavery; the operation is termed “Renewal Forum.” Headed by the former Director of Human Trafficking Program for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Steve Wagner, the Renewal Forum has decided to make Kansas City a “model city” in developing a template for fighting all of the ancillary crimes and societal ills that feed into human trafficking.

Exodus Cry is excited to be in the very city where a massive assault against trafficking is being launched.  This assault includes police forces, the state attorney general, experts at the federal level, faith groups, and non-profit organizations. We feel that truly the Lord has placed Exodus Cry in Kansas City “for such a time as this…”

You can read more about Kansas City as the model human trafficking city in the article, Kansas City to Become First Anti-Sex trafficking Model City in America.

Correction: The above video strongly implies that Exodus Cry has a women’s recovery home in Kansas City. We currently do not. The recovery home referred to is in Moldova, and the footage shown is of the Exodus Cry Human Trafficking Awareness center in downtown Grandview.

One Comment on “Battlefront: Kansas City”

  1. Robert James Patterson Says:
    September 1st, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    End slavery, child explotation and chil murder, ABOLISH CPS! It is an orginized crime ring selling our hildren to peophiles!

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