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From Denmark to Italy

You may remember the interview in Nefarious with a brothel owner named Slim in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, or when Denise described her story of being prostituted for nine years behind the windows. There was also Anca, from Eastern Europe, who realized her orphanage director was a trafficker and Eva who was locked in an apartment for three days to be sold for sex. Their individual stories of exploitation and the sex industry opened up our eyes to an entirely new level regarding the human trafficking situation in Europe. Since then, Exodus Cry has developed a foundation of research and strategy to build upon our film crew’s original investigations and now, we can return with an even heftier agenda.

After an incredibly successful run throughout the United Kingdom last year, our 2013 release of the International DVD has opened up a long-awaited opportunity to impact Western Europe on a mass scale. Two weeks ago, we launched a new Incurable Fanatics Screening Tour, equipped with hundreds of copies of the International DVD, to sound the alarm on sex slavery in Europe with the very testimonies that were recorded on its soil.

Meet the team:
Laila Mickelwait is Exodus Cry’s Manager of Policy & Public Affairs. She obtained a Master of Public Diplomacy degree and has experience working at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Her work focuses on raising awareness about the issue of human trafficking at the government level, calling for legislative reform to prevent the injustice from continuing, conducting strategic screenings of Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, and speaking on behalf of Exodus Cry at various events and conferences to engage public awareness.

Sarah Jensen helped coordinate/lead the entire fall 2012 tour. Since the Tour, Sarah has been working to coordinate this first Incurable Fanatics European Tour.

Tim Fraim is an Exodus Cry Tour Team Coordinator. He was the Central Team Leader on the 2012 IF Spring Tour , leader of the entire 2012 Fall Tour, and a team member on the 2012 Brazil Tour

Christian Gonzalez is a Creative Project Manager for Exodus Cry and Nefarious. He also designed the new Exodus Cry headquarters.

Alex Gilbertson was a tour team member for the Incurable Fanatics Spring 2012 Tour.


Nefarious is being screened in over a dozen cities, throughout Europe traveling from Copenhagen, Denmark down to Rome, Italy until the end of March. There are hundreds of known and hidden brothels along this route where sex trafficking, corruption, and complicity have been breeding for centuries under the guise of legalized prostitution. According to the UNODC, trafficking in persons to Europe for sexual exploitation “is one of the most lucrative illicit businesses in Europe”. We want to visit each city with Nefarious, out of a deep place of hope and confidence that the Judge of heaven and earth will use the testimonies of survivors to undermine operations of exploitation.

As the screening team presents to public audiences, collaborating with local churches and organizations, our Manager of Policy & Public Affairs is tackling the governmental arenas as well. God has been faithfully guiding her steps to consult on progressive anti-trafficking legislation to people who can influence change in the legal systems of several cities. She has met with senior officials from the UN and has been spending time with Members of the Netherlands Parliament, distributing copies of the DVD, and landing further appointments with influential spokespeople. We have seen phenomenal results coming from intercession surrounding these meetings and we ask that you continue to pray over her role in this European Screening Tour. As she prepared to leave the Netherlands, she sent us this encouraging update,

“Thank you for the prayers, I can see God is really moving in Amsterdam… everyone I speak with says the same thing–something is truly shifting here.”–Laila Mickelwait

Another recent highlight also took place in the Netherlands; the team had the privilege of introducing Denise from Nefarious, a survivor of Amsterdam’s Red-Light District, who opened up a time of Q&A with the students of Wageningen University. The team watched in awe as she confidently answered every question  and delivered a message of life to the students.

So far, the team has visited Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany with several packed-out screenings, proving that the response in Europe is hungry and open for abolitionism. We are expectant to see God do even more in the coming weeks, as the team continues to present the film and connect with new Incurable Fanatics.

“The Father proves that He just wants people who will say, ‘Yes.’ He doesn’t need heroes, he’s just looking for children who will take his hand.”-Christian Gonzalez

Keep checking our Facebook and Twitter for further updates on the European Screening Tour, as well as future Screening Tour write-ups on the Exodus Cry Blog.