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Meet the Incurable Fanatics Fall Tour Teams

They have been commissioned, trained for weeks, and have an agenda to end sex trafficking—the Incurable Fanatic Fall Tour teams have loaded the vans up again and are heading your way. Like many who watched Nefarious, our new tour members were struck hard with the horrors of sex trafficking after first watching the film. Now, they’ve come forward to dedicate this season of their lives to go after more hearts that need to be awakened to the reality of modern-day slavery. As we band with communities all over America and forge new relationships throughout this Fall Tour, we are expectant to see the Lord’s army of abolitionists expand exponentially. And after a successful run last spring, our tour teams are more than ready to add a new chapter of Nefarious’ journey in every city they visit.

Meet the West Coast/Central Team:

Joyce Kim from Centerville, Virginia

“My hope for this tour is that God will move people’s hearts to see the issue of human slavery through His eyes. I don’t want people to just see this as another problem in our world but to really feel God’s heart towards this and be moved to bring His justice in this world.”

Erik Miller from Fredericksburg, Virginia

“I’m excited to see people’s heart sparked for what’s on God’s heart.”

Joanne Chung from Haymarket, Virginia

“My hope for this tour is to dive deeper into the heart of God the righteous Judge. As we visit each location, I want either to be sowing seeds, or watering what has already been planted in the spirit!”

Keith Dygert, from Branson, Missouri

“I hope we’ll be a catalyst to see hope and change for girls and traffickers.”

Meet the East Coast Team:

(Left to right)

Hope Keiser from Kansas City, Missouri

“I am excited for the Lord to bring restoration on the tour. Not just to the people we serve and minister to, but to my own heart. My only option is to trust the kindness and faithfulness of the Lord.”

Lakeshia Smith from Joplin, Missouri

“I believe that the Lord is going to increase the anointing on our hands to heal people, set the captives free and anoint our feet to go out and further this journey by partnering with His heart for His people.”

Isaac Selling from Detroit, Michigan

“I am looking forward to the Lord giving me a better view of His principles and views of justice.”

Kate Roy from Bangor, Maine

“This tour is so much more than spreading awareness about human trafficking as we testify of the compassion of Jesus and His power to heal the brokenhearted and make the wrong things right.”

Track with them on our tour map here: And if you don’t see your city on the map, host a screening to get our teams over to your area, bringing the message of abolition and hope with them: