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The Wait Is Over

Dear Friend,

Five years of your tremendous support and encouragement are about to culminate in a moment we have been anticipating since the beginning – we will soon place Nefarious: Merchant of Souls into your hands. You’ve made this possible, and now we have even more than our heartfelt thanks to give you – we have a powerful tool for raising awareness and action, one we know you will wield with passion.

You’ve supported the creation of Nefarious through every stage of a journey that began in February, 2007, when my wife and I met with a friend who unfolded the horrors of human trafficking to us. As she described young girls being forced into lifestyles of prostitution, we were shocked by the gruesome details. In the following days and weeks I could not escape the overwhelming conviction that I must take a stand against this injustice. The more I uncovered tragic, monstrous stories of such injustice, the greater my burden became. I am deeply passionate about seeing others, like myself, moved from ignorance to action.

I began the conceptual planning for Nefarious in the fall of 2007, a time when information on human trafficking was sparse. In 2008, a team from Exodus Cry took a trip to Southeast Asia to probe the world of sex slavery. We visited dingy karaoke bars, remote villages, massage parlors, and high-end beach destinations, finding one steady consistency—the exploitation of young women. The sights we saw and documented with our cameras stirred us to produce the Nefarious film.

Though I initially set out to document the crisis of human trafficking, I quickly discovered that the issue was broader in scope and complexity than I had thought. In order for people to understand the world of human trafficking, they needed to see all the moving parts and underlying issues that compose this wicked trade. So we shifted focus, deciding to cover the entire spectrum of the global sex industry. We traveled through 19 different countries to gather content for Nefarious, from North and Central America to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We recorded over 800 hours of footage and captured over 100 gripping and informative interviews from some of the most knowledgeable people on the subject.

In spite of several setbacks during the production of the film, we celebrated an historic milestone at its release last fall. God has used this documentary in a powerful way since then. Over 40,000 people globally have viewed it through our Incurable Fanatics Tour. We were able to strategically present it to United Nations delegates as well as MPs in the Australian Parliament in preparation for debates over crucial laws. Numerous film festivals have screened Nefarious, and our team has received seven awards for the quality and message of the film. What a privilege it’s been to witness hearts being restored and mindsets changed during these public screenings. And pivotally, over 2,000 of you have become part of the grassroots movement to end slavery as you’ve signed up to be an “Incurable Fanatic” right alongside us. We are so excited by your partnership, and ready for the next lap of the race!

The journey does not stop here.

Here’s where you seize the baton. It will take an army of abolitionists to change the culture of our society. While Exodus Cry will continue screening Nefarious all over the globe, I’m extremely excited to be releasing it on DVD so you can begin using the documentary to evoke change right in your own community. If each person who buys the film screens it in their home for 20 friends and family members, we can generate a ripple effect of awareness at unbelievable rates. 

Because the Lord provided for us tremendously throughout this project, we did not take on any investors and have no debt on the film. This means that all the proceeds can go right into funding the anti-trafficking work of Exodus Cry. We can provide more counseling sessions, build more lighthouses, create more awareness, and rescue more of the enslaved!

Nefarious is not a professional achievement for me. This is all very personal. I approached this issue with a desire for justice, not credentials or fame. The journey that ensued has forever changed my life. Statistics became faces. Information became real stories. Injustices became an opportunity to effect change. Not a day goes by that I am not mindful of the horrific tragedies we uncovered. However, I have also become anchored in a profound sense of hope as I’ve seen the authentic transformation of some of the most broken people on earth. Amidst the dark abyss of abuse and exploitation, I encountered a God of emancipation and salvation.
Through Nefarious, we want to see people ignited with a passion for human dignity, for the sanctity of life, and the conviction that no human being should be bought or sold. For us, this movie is about a movement as much as it is about the film. Your partnership has been vital – thank you! You’ve walked alongside us through Nefarious’ creation. We’re excited to get it into each of your hands, and watch you run!

For justice,
Benjamin Nolot
Nefarious: Merchant of Souls

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One Comment on “The Wait Is Over”

  1. Olivia Mawhinney Says:
    June 21st, 2012 at 3:23 pm

    I am beyond excited to see this! I have been following and watching for every update to production and premiere of Nefarious. I cannot wait to have a copy in my own hand, as well as host a screening. G-d surely has worked in mighty ways!