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October 14th, 2021
Convicted “Child Porn” Addict Tells His Story

It’s a headline that makes you shudder every time you read it... “Man arrested on child pornography charges.” What’s even more haunting is when the perpetrator is also a respected member of the community. Just this month, a huge human trafficking sting took place in Ohio in which 161 people were arrested for buying sex with minors. Among the arrests were a firefighter, a college professor, and a Cleveland-area city...

October 12th, 2021
Raised on Porn Director Reveals the Heart Behind the Film

We recently sat down with Benji Nolot, Exodus Cry’s founder and the director of our new film Raised on Porn, to ask him about the documentary and the heart behind the film. Benji has produced and directed multiple documentaries including Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, which won 24 awards, and Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution which was acquired by Netflix. Raised on Porn is now available to watch HERE for free....

October 8th, 2021
The Raised on Porn Reviews Are In: “Everyone Needs to See This”

Our new film, Raised on Porn, which highlights the dangerous lifelong implications of childhood pornography exposure, premiered on Thursday, September 30th. In just a week, the film has hit 160K+ views on YouTube and earned a 9.9 star rating on IMDb! New York Times Bestselling author and podcaster, Jeremy Roloff, shared the film with his followers, saying Raised On Porn has “a powerful message identifying the porn pandemic facing our...

September 27th, 2021
A Sneak Peek at Our New Film, Raised on Porn

Raised on Porn is now live! WATCH THE FILM HERE. --- “Pornography is the most significant influential sex educator that young people have today.”1 -Dr. Caroline Heldman in Raised on Porn   Pause for a moment and consider the gravity of that statement. Free online pornography is shaping a generation, and its impact on our culture is devastating. In 2017, studies showed that a staggering 98% of male adolescents watched porn,...

August 6th, 2021
From Trafficking Survivor to SWAT Team Member: Sophia’s Story

Ten years ago we released Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, a documentary that takes viewers behind the veil of the global sex industry. Over the last decade, this award-winning film has helped pave the way for some massive wins in the fight against trafficking. We've heard stories of sex buyers who stopped buying sex after watching the film, law enforcement who've used it to train their teams, vulnerable girls who've been...

December 20th, 2019
Our New Film Rips the Mask Off the Porn Industry

Help this film impact the masses with the truth about the porn industry's rampant human rights abuses! Give to our year-end campaign today and help us reach our $250,000 goal. Give Freedom --- “And then we just lay it on harder and I lay it on harder and I lay it on harder, until they snap—until we find the end. So I am guilty of that, I push to the...

June 28th, 2018
Honest Reactions to Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution

From celebrities to professors, sexual assault victims to college partiers, here are some of the honest and inspiring things people are saying about Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution. We also want you to add your voice to the conversation and help share the truth! You can boost exposure for this film and fight the sexual violation that pervades our world by rating and reviewing Liberated on IMDB and Netflix. For...

May 18th, 2018
Victim Advocate: I’m Not Shocked by Liberated

When I first watched Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution, I wasn’t shocked by the content or behavior of people on the screen. In the work I do at Baylor as a prevention educator, and the work I have done as a victim’s advocate, I sit with people who’ve experienced the very same events the audience witnesses during Liberated. Yet for many of us, this film can be a difficult one...

April 26th, 2018
College Partier: Liberated Brought Me to Tears

I first came across Liberated while my roommates and I, all recent college graduates, were hanging out watching Netflix in early March, looking for some raunchy spring break movie to relive our college spring break memories. Ironically, after typing in “spring break” in the search bar, we came across Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution. Although not exactly what we were looking for it sounded intriguing enough, so I clicked play....

April 4th, 2018
Emmy-Nominated Writer: Why Documentary Films Matter

“Reality changes; in order to represent it, modes of representation must change.” - Bertolt Brecht Human beings are story machines. Although emerging technologies continue to present exciting (and sometimes alarming) prospects for immersive storytelling, we don’t need to strap on a virtual reality headset to experience empathy. We are the original empathy machines—and modern science shows us how. In the mid-1980’s, cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner advanced the claim in Actual...

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