Our journey in the fight against slavery has taken us deep into the heart and emotions of God. We have lifted our voices to him in intercession, and seen Him move in miraculous and powerful ways in response to our prayers. God has led us in each step of this incredible journey, from first introducing us to this injustice when we were totally oblivious, to tearing down corrupt government and child brothels half a world away. The God of the Exodus, the Lord God who frees the oppressed and liberates the captives, who plunders the treasures of darkness—He is still alive and moving in the earth today. –Benjamin Nolot, Founder and CEO of Exodus Cry

March 10th, 2017

What happened in Houston before the Patriots won the Super Bowl?

Before the New England Patriots’ historic comeback against the Atlanta Falcons shocked the country, another historic event shook the dark corners of the city of Houston. Around 300 abolitionists gathered for the 4-day Justice Rally conference and outreach—hosted by our friends Elijah Rising, in partnership with Exodus Cry—and we pray Houston will never be the same. With unplanned poetic timing, we realized the rally marked ten years to the day...
April 7th, 2016

Groundbreaking Victory in France for Abolition

We are so excited to announce that YOU have helped to change history once again through your dedicated prayers! From January to April of last year, Paris, France, was Exodus Cry’s City in Focus. For three months you joined forces with us to pray for the changing of prostitution laws in the nation. On Tuesday April 5, 2016, our prayers were answered when 62 members of parliament voted to pass...
June 2nd, 2015

Gabriella’s Story: Breakthrough by Prayer

In 2013 our Intervention team at Exodus Cry pioneered a new model of outreach, texting girls from online ads on websites where girls are sold for sex. According to this model, if a girl is open to meeting with us we take her out for lunch in a public setting. From there, relationship begins and we come alongside them, offering support and empowering them to escape exploitation and reach for...
June 30th, 2014

Rio de Janeiro: God Answered our Prayers for Justice

Brazil’s capital, Rio de Janeiro, was our City in Focus back in March 2014. We asked for your prayers as the city prepared to host seven of the 2014 FIFA World Cup matches. Like other international sporting events, the World Cup is widely suspected as a breeding ground for sexual exploitation. Rio has an established sex trade in its Copacabana district, so Brazilian officials and human rights advocates were concerned...
June 30th, 2014

Eight Brothels Shut down before the World Cup

In April 2014, we asked for your prayers for Fortaleza, Brazil. Fortaleza, the fifth largest city in Brazil, is known for its pristine beaches and lurid sex tourism industry. The city’s newest claim to fame is the Castelão stadium, which served as one of the venues for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. With an anticipated 600,000 international soccer fans crowding Fortaleza’s city streets during the games, abolitionists and human rights...
February 19th, 2014

Brazil Breakthrough

In light of the 2014 FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil this summer, much of our prayer focus has been centered on this South American country and its host cities. We know that large sporting events like the World Cup create a venue for the sale and purchase of sex, so for a year we have been asking God to initiate a breakthrough in human trafficking in Brazil. In...
July 1st, 2013

Victory in Spain

This summer, we witnessed a powerful victory in Spain. In May, our city in focus was Barcelona. We deliberately prayed for revival in Barcelona and throughout Spain. In June, news reached the world that a prostitution ring had been broken up after Spanish police arrested six people, including one woman who is believed to be the ringleader.1 In this case, traffickers used common methods of deception to lure unsuspecting women...
May 1st, 2013

Changing Tides in the Netherlands

In March of this year, we chose Amsterdam in the Netherlands as our city in focus. We have been monitoring this region carefully and have received news of powerful testimony in Utrecht, a city only 45 minutes away from Amsterdam. The purchase of sex is a legal activity in the Netherlands. The use of brothels was prohibited until 2000 when they were legalized in an attempt to better monitor prostitution...
October 18th, 2012

The Testimony of Prayer: South Asia

In March of this year, the Exodus Cry team was two weeks away from launching the next Regional Prayer Focus when Benjamin Nolot was told of a dream about a faceless “king of Bengal” and a room of girls who were being enslaved (you can read the details of the dream here). After hearing the dream, Benjamin wrote the following on his blog: “I went into my office and sat...
May 20th, 2012

A Historic Answer to Prayer

As a result of your faithful prayers we are excited to announce a historic moment for Exodus Cry. This past week God entrusted us with a new Lighthouse in Kansas City for the restoration of trafficking victims. We dedicated this house to the Lord during our Monday night prayer meeting at the International House of Prayer. Click on the video below to listen to the story of this new Lighthouse...