The stories of those who’ve been trafficked for sex and caught in the commercial sex industry are devastating. 

Let's write a new story.

Your partnership helps write a new chapter in these lives.

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Tragic stories are being lived out every day.

01Countless individuals across the globe are living a story in which they are forced, coerced, or manipulated into a life of sexual exploitation.

They are being utterly dehumanized.

02Culture tells men the story that says their role is to sexually consume others and that it’s acceptable to buy and sell other human beings.

Their masculinity has been hijacked.

Finding a new plot.

For the past eight years, committed supporters like you have shed tears alongside Exodus Cry, and have stood with us in battling sex trafficking on multiple fronts.

We’ve seen incredible victories and have discovered that winning the war against trafficking will require not only helping those who are exploited, but also working to transform the hypersexualized culture that allows the sex industry to continue unhindered.

Here's how we can write a new story together.

Change Laws

Change Laws

Help us work with national and international lawmakers to craft legislation aimed at reducing and eliminating the business of sexually exploiting people.

Transform Culture

Transform Culture

Help us create documentary films, short compelling videos designed for viral exposure, and well-researched books strategically designed to shift the cultural norms that fuel the sex industry in order to strengthen a healthy society.



Help us search for women caught in sexual exploitation—whether on the streets, in strip clubs, in jails, or online—and build relationship with them and offer them a way out so they can begin a journey of healing.

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a month can
  • send our Intervention team on one local outreach to exploited women
  • cover the cost of two Hope bags that are given to women trapped in sexual exploitation
a month can
  • fund about 8 hours of documentary editing
  • fund about 8 hours of legal reform work to help reduce the demand for illicit sex
a month can
  • reach about 50,000 people online with viral videos that transform culture
  • print about 100 copies of our new book that fights porn culture
a month can
  • fund one month of our media campaign to transform the sexual exploitation culture
  • cover the cost of one US governmental reform trip