Ep. 60: The Complexity of Shame, and “Shame Free Zone” Parenting

Ep. 60: The Complexity of Shame, and “Shame Free Zone” Parenting

Gene McConnell is one of America’s foremost experts on shame & its impact on addiction recovery as well as one’s personal perception that affects all other relationships. His message helps identify and interpret the adverse consequences of societal trends that are engulfing our increasingly sexualized culture. Gene’s work has taken him around the world developing youth camps, women’s retreats, keynote speaking and has been hosted on radio and TV programs nationally and internationally. His education outreach extends to youth, individuals and organizations world-wide teaching about the foundational elements of building and maintaining healthy relationships in marriage, the workplace and the community. His proprietary programs, Pursuing the Hidden Heart, and The Power of Porn, broke new ground by demonstrating the link between the root causes of shame, broken relationships, and the consumption of sexual images.


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