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Brazil Breakthrough

In light of the 2014 FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil this summer, much of our prayer focus has been centered on this South American country and its host cities. We know that large sporting events like the World Cup create a venue for the sale and purchase of sex, so for a year we have been asking God to initiate a breakthrough in human trafficking in Brazil.

In October, we traveled to 12 cities in Brazil. During our journey, we hosted screenings of our documentary, Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, facilitated training workshops, advocated for legal reform, and gathered people together to pray for their nation. We did not have to wait long before we witnessed God at work in a powerful way.

In December of 2013, nine arrests were made in the Federal District in the capital city of Brasilia.1 In an initiative named “Operation Red Light,” police had spent the preceding six months investigating the information being exchanged through three separate websites. The arrests included individuals with links to human trafficking and exploitation. Several of them had political ties. The arrested are accused of luring women into prostitution with promises of visibility, luxury, and money. Threats of exposure to husbands and other family members were used to keep them from leaving. At least 50 percent of the “profit” went to the recruiters with each session costing up to £10,000.2 The clientele included high-level businessmen and politicians in the Federal District.

We are grateful to God for this breakthrough in Brazil, and we are looking forward to more victories against sexual exploitation as the dates for the World Cup approach. Continue to remember “Operation Red Light” in your prayers. Some of the arrested have been released on bail,3 so we must continue to pray for God’s justice. Pray for those who were exploited, that by the grace of Jesus, they would be able to overcome their hurt and return to whole lives.

We would also like to thank you for your continued prayers and support of Exodus Cry as well as the efforts of abolitionists all over the world.


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