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City in Focus: Chiang Mai, Thailand


Chiang Mai, a chiefly Buddhist city, lies about 450 miles north of Bangkok, and is one of three tourism hot beds in a sex-soaked country of Thailand. When many people think of the long-term effects of WWII and Vietnam, they think of the genetic devastation caused by radiation poisoning and Agent Orange. Hardly anybody connects those wars with today’s sex tourism industry for which Thailand is famous; but it was the opportunity for recreational sex for displaced soldiers that initiated the entire industry. Beyond that, the pressures of modern consumerism have inflated sex tourism into a global sex enterprise. For sex slaves in major cities like Chiang Mai, their story often begins in a rural setting. In the poverty stricken countryside, girls are routinely sold into prostitution by their own parents so that their family can “keep up with the Jones’s:” parents trade their daughters for refrigerators and motorized plows. Then they are transported to major tourism cities, like Chiang Mai. Once in Chiang Mai they join thousands of prostituted women and children infected with HIV/AIDS; Chiang Mai is a cesspool for STD’S, and thrives the degradation and exploitation of women and children on every level.


Abba House Foundation
Abba House Foundation exists for the express purpose of setting at liberty the captive children of Thailand, by the power of the Holy Spirit, through the Love of Jesus, for the Glory of God the Father.

Abba House Foundation Thailand
85/148 Wangbuatong Village
Nongjom, SanSai
Chiang Mai, 50210 Thailand

The Garden of Hope
The Garden of Hope is based in the heart of Chiang Mai, within walking distance of several streets full of bars. The goal of Garden of Hope is to offer comprehensive, holistic programs that bring restoration and healing to those in, at risk of, or exiting prostitution and trafficking.

P.O. Box 26 Chang Khlan Post Office
Chiang Mai, 50101 Thailand


  • Ask God to end sex-tourism in Thailand, particularly in major cities like Chiang Mai.
  • Ask God to break in with light upon the corrupt police forces that perpetuate trafficking, and partner with sex rings.
  • Ask for righteous legislation in Thailand that outlaws sex-tourism and prostitution.
  • Ask for Revival in the province of Chiang Mai, that families would forsake Buddhist thinking that devalues women, and turn to Jesus Christ.


3/30/09 Intercession for Chiang Mai
3/23/09 Intercession for Chiang Mai
3/9/09 Intercession for Chiang Mai