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City in Focus: Jerusalem

As far back as Medieval times, Jerusalem was widely understood to play a central role in the affairs of the world. Maps of the known world were drawn with Israel in the center, and kingdoms have been built and broken upon Jerusalem (some still to come). Today, Jerusalem is a key city in the intercessory fight to end human trafficking.

In Jerusalem the secular has dwells side by side with the sacred. The resulting contradictions are abstruse, and progress in the field of trafficking is particularly difficult to measure here. While the government has passed progressive anti-trafficking measures, it also benefits from fringe industries related to trafficking, and so has an ambivalent commitment to fighting the sex trade. Russian Organized Crime continues to be a major supplier of trafficked women in Israel at large. And while the vast majority of Jerusalem’s residents are either Jew or Muslim, and while both of these faith’s condemn prostitution, there are doctrinal loopholes that sanction the purchase of sex by adherents of both religions.

Recently a new trend in trafficking has emerged. As awareness of human trafficking grows, traffickers have an increasingly difficult time trafficking women across international borders. The trend of Aliyah— the immigration of Jews back to Israel from other places in the nations—has provided a convenient pretext for non-Israeli Jews to come to Israel. Traffickers are capitalizing on this Zion-ward homecoming by luring young Jewish women into the sex trade in Israel.

Prayer Points:

Pray that revival would break out Jerusalem.

Pray that Jews making Aliyah would not fall prey to organized crime.

Ask God to strengthen the church in Jerusalem to be salt and light and to change the culture through righteous deeds.