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Intercessors in Poland

We are now in a town called Katowice in Southern Poland. We have only been here a few days and the Lord is already working in miraculous ways in the lives of the prostituted women we meet.

They are receptive and eager for prayer. One girl, Anya, first appeared angry and hard. We began speaking with her and within seconds, her whole face softened and lit with a gentle smile. She shared openly about the pain and struggles in her life as well as the desires of her heart.

As I started to bless her with the Father’s love, speak about her worth and ask Him for breakthrough, her eyes flooded with tears. We could feel the heavens open and the reality of His love come with power upon us. When we were finished I could see new hope and life in her eyes.

I asked if it was possible for me to stay in touch with her and she eagerly specified how I could reach her. As we were saying goodbye, she said she was going home for the night.

Later, we met one of her friends on the street and this young woman said Anya had called her, telling her all about our time together. This woman was actually initiating conversation about the Lord and asking me for prayer.

Every time we spoke with a girl, we strongly felt the pleasure of the Lord. I saw Him gathering up His girls and placing their heads on His chest so they could hear His heartbeat. He gave prophetic words and pictures; touching the hidden cries of their hearts.

The staff of the local organization we ministered with commented that they have known these girls for 2 years and they had never opened up like this before. Our whole team beheld how prayer works and received a greater impartation of faith. Thank You, Jesus!

We are leaving tomorrow morning for Ukraine. Please pray for continued favor and power to be upon us in every encounter we have with people. Please be praying specifically for protection and wisdom in reaching the ones who are the “untouchable.” These girls are owned by the mafia and kept under violent control. (I have seen this reality with my own eyes and it is intense beyond description.)

We are believing for breakthrough and supernatural opening of prison doors to those who are the farthest and hardest. Ask for continued unity and grace upon our team and those we are connecting with in Poland, Ukraine, and Moldova. It is such an honor to be here with these women and local ministries.

2 Comments on “Intercessors in Poland”

  1. Amy Tremblay Says:
    July 15th, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    I speak a hedge of protection around the Exodus Cry team. Holy Spirit give them Your words.  I thank you that you have given them favor and that they will reach the broken hearted and set captives fear.  Holy Spirit go before them and make a way for them where before there was no way. In Jesus Name

  2. Anonymous Says:
    July 25th, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    Praying for your outreach, especially in Ukraine, my “adopted” country. = )