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Balkan King of Human Trafficking

During March 2010, Belgrade Serbia was the City-in-Focus. We were deliberately asking God to disrupt the power-base of organized crime in Belgrade, Serbia, a linchpin city for the operations of human trafficking. (You can read more about Belgrade here.) Just a few days ago, we received a report that our prayers were answered: a man known as the “Balkan King of Human Trafficking” was arrested. Not only did God speedily answer our prayers for justice, but there could have been no greater indicator that God was listening to our prayers than this specific answer. Here is the press release:

Serbia arrests trafficking kingpin 12/03/2010
BELGRADE, Serbia — The interior ministry announced on Thursday (March 11th) the arrest of Milivoje Zarubica-Puja, the notorious “Balkan king of human trafficking”. Zarubica-Puja, 45, was detained in a village near the town of Kursumlija, in southern Serbia, carrying fake ID documents. Police believe he spent time in Nis and Leskovac under an assumed name, where he was involved in the illicit trade in archaeological artefacts. Zarubica-Puja was initially arrested in December 1999, during a police operation in Resnik, where 46 girls about to be trafficked illegally were found and about 180,000 Deutsch marks were confiscated. Several charges were filed against him in that case, including human trafficking, and he was sentenced to four years in prison. He failed to appear for sentencing and has been wanted ever since. (Press Online, Tanjug, Blic, MIA – 11/03/10) (source)