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Breakthrough in Bangkok

In July, 2009, we labored in prayer for Bangkok, Thailand, the ExodusCry City-in-Focus. A ministry we work closely with in Thailand that rescues girls from the sex trade and then rehabilitates them sent us this email two days into August. It was an amazing indicator that God was listening and would bring speedy justice to the oppressed in response to our cries.
I just want to let you know that I believe the prayers of Exodus Cry have brought a breakthrough in Bangkok. We had the joy of rescueing another victim of human trafficking a week ago. She was the first of 14 women who wanted to prosecute her trafficker. We didn’t know where to turn. God closed the usual doors and opened up an unexpected one – a direct line to top officials of the anti-trafficking department. Through God’s favor they acted miraculously fast and yesterday the trafficker was arrested. The police themselves were astounded. They wanted to know who we were to get an audience with top officials and to get a case moving this fast. They have been trying for four years to catch one of these traffickers from this country with no success. This is their first and it happened yesterday the last day of July. I honestly believe that the prayers given as a result of Exodus Cry brought about this justice breakthrough. Awesome!