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Shutting them Down

In June, Exodus Cry was privy to an exhibition of divine justice, an event that was clearly a convergence of the saints crying out to the courts of heaven while the political intercessors on the earth fought to gain ground. Interstate 70 connects Kansas City with Saint Louis with as straight of a 250 mile stretch of asphalt as you’ll find in all of America. But if you drive the entire length of it, you’ll count more porn shops, strip clubs, and adult-superstores than you will different state license plates. And since the porn shop industry is a battlefront for the greater issue of human trafficking (it fuels the demand for illicit sex), lobbying in the halls of legislature to see these shops heavily regulated is a major fight.

On Saturday, June 24th, Benji Nolot and Lou Engle lead a prayer rally in St. Louis, and one of the highlighted prayer items was a set of bills (586 and 617) that would heavily regulate sex-entertainment venues. The bills addressed everything from zoning restrictions for porn shops, to how late establishments could stay open, to how far from a patron a semi-nude (another restriction) dancer had to keep her distance. If passed, many of the main elements that make these businesses attractive would be reformed, and many of the seedy establishments might have to go out of business entirely. The night of the rally, the bills were poised to be passed or vetoed by the Missouri House of Representatives. After Benji spoke on the injustice of Human Trafficking, the entire room entered into a 2 hour prayer rumble.  During this time they targeted the sex shops between KC and St. Louis on the I-70.  That seemed to be the only real vein of prayer they were able to enter into.  The next day, the bill was passed—the very next day!—  The shop owners believe the new regulations will put them out of business, essentially “shutting them down”