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Speedy Justice

In the beginning of February in 2007 we experienced an incredible answer to prayer resulting in the liberation of hundreds of children. Saturday, February 3rd was the first time in my life I had ever heard the term “human trafficking.” Up until that point I had no knowledge that modern-day slavery even existed. My wife Lauren and I went to visit some friends in the hospital who just had a baby. During the course of our conversation they began to talk with us about the horrors of the sex-slave industry. They told us about the vast numbers of women and children who are being forced into lives of prostitution. This information was tremendously disturbing to us, and our hearts suddenly became overwhelmed with a burden for these victims. On Monday night, just a couple days later, I was preparing to lead a prayer meeting with Misty Edwards and her worship team at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. I shared how the Lord was beginning to stir my heart over the issue of sex-slavery. One of our singers, named Laura, spoke up and told how she had recently dreamed about this very issue. She said that she dreamed that she had been kidnapped by a foreign man and taken to the home of an American man. Once inside the home she realized she was in a brothel, and would be forced into a life of prostitution. She began to see a vision of all the babies she would have to abort as a result of this lifestyle. Then suddenly she began to hear the intercession of Jesus, “Open up the heavens over the weak! Abba! Open up the heavens over the weak!” After Laura shared this dream, our entire team was gripped with an intense burden for prayer. We went out and announced to the room of about 300 people that we would be praying against human trafficking and sex slavery. Suddenly people began to spontaneously weep and cry out to God. For the next two hours we labored in intercession, praying that God would set the captives free and open up doors for authorities to make busts. During the meeting we really felt like God was using the prayer room to birth His will and purposes on the earth. Just a day and a half later I received an email that confirmed our sense that God was moving: an enormous child pornography ring involving over 2,300 child pornographers in 77 countries was busted by federal agents. Federal police called this case “a strike against child pornography unprecedented in Austrian criminal history.” Investigators compared the likelihood of the bust to “finding a needle in a haystack.”1 Articles released indicated that it was the largest bust of its kind in history. We felt this bust was a direct answer to prayer and a fulfillment of God’s promise that he would release “speedy justice” for His elect who cry out to Him night and day.

1.”Global child porn ring involves 2,360-plus suspects smashed,” Daily Mail, 07 February 2007, “RCMP to probe Canadian IPs in global child-porn network,” CBC News, 07 February 2007,