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The Darkness Cannot Overcome the Light

When people find out that human trafficking is just as much of a reality on American soil as it is in Eastern European countries or in South East Asia, they are typically shocked. But what is even more disturbing is the degree to which Americans have sanctioned traffickers by adopting their title as the new standard of savvy and cool: Pimp.  Pimping is not only a bonafide form of human trafficking, but some of the most notorious gangs are behind expansive pimping organization.  That is to say, organized crime is thriving on the streets of major American cities (like New York City) and the sex trafficking industry is booming. Throughout May our prayer was that God would expose the lies behind the culture of the pimps, that the nefarious brutality that comprises the pimp culture would be clearly seen, and that the Judge of the Earth would make a judgement on behalf of the saints as we cried out.  Just two days after the month was ended, this dramatic human trafficking bust made headline news:

Bloods gang members went to Brooklyn schools to recruit underage girls as hookers: prosecutors


Wednesday, June 2nd 2010, 4:00 AM

Brooklyn prosecutors have busted Bloods gang members on charges of running several sex trafficking rings that recruited girls from junior high schools, the Daily News has learned.

Prostitutes as young as 15 were routinely beaten and deprived of food if they didn’t earn $500 a day selling their bodies, the Brooklyn district attorney’s office found.

Pimps went to schools to find hookers for their operations in BushwickBrownsville and East New York, according to indictments that will be announced today.

The teens and older women worked out of hotels, motels and the pimps’ apartments and on the street – known as “the track,” investigators said.

Their services were advertised on sites such as and other adult Internet pages – as recently as last month, the court papers say.

Investigators uncovered four distinct operations, three of them run by Bloods gang members. (read full article here)

When God answers prayer, He answers in a specific way. His desire is not only to see victims of human trafficking set free from bondage, but to stun the hearts of His people as they partner with His heart.  These kinds of breakthroughs are meant to give us confidence that no matter how daunting the forces of organized crime may be, the God of Light is able to triumph over all of the works of darkness—”and the darkness cannot overcome the light.”