2013 Abolition Summit Video Teachings

The annual Exodus Cry Abolition Summit is a three-day conference that will provide you with the training and the tools to effectively combat sex trafficking in our modern society.

Being A Modern-Day Abolitionist

By Don Brewster

Don Brewster is CEO and founder of Agape International Missions. In 2005, he and his wife, Bridget, moved to Cambodia to fight against the evils of child sex trafficking. Together, they have spearheaded the effort to open and operate homes for rescued victims of child sex trafficking (Agape Restoration Center), and a holistic ministry designed to prevent child sex trafficking (Rahab’s House), in Svay Pak, Cambodia. Don‘s most recent projects include creating Agape Training Center, which provides sustainable employment opportunities for young women who have graduated from Agape Restoration Center program or who want to escape Cambodia’s perilous bar scene. In addition, Don has expanded Rahab’s House community outreach into Siem Reap, another community where victims are falling prey to an ever-expanding sex trade.

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