Position: Video Editing Intern

Designation: 2019 Spring Internship – 10 Weeks: February 4th-April 12th
Division: Messaging
Supervisor: Director of Messaging
Location: Grandview, MO
Schedule: Approx. 4 hrs/day on weekdays

Who Should Apply

Any undergraduate student, graduate student, or even non-student, who’s passionate about using their creative skills to work toward the eradication of sexual exploitation.

Position Overview

Join our Messaging team! Help craft compelling videos for use on Exodus Cry’s social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and perform other helpful tasks related to messaging for the organization. You will not be a coffee runner. You will fill an essential role as an important member of our Messaging team and your work will help to strengthen and expand Exodus Cry’s follower base, as well as that of the greater abolition movement.


You will be provided with a housing stipend, for each of three months, that is roughly equivalent to the cost of a single room rental in the South Kansas City area.

To apply, email [email protected] with your cover letter, résumé, and samples of your work. Thanks for you interest!

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