Protect our children from Exxxploitation

Children have never been at a greater risk for sexual exploitation and they deserve our strongest fight.

Support these critical projects, including the fight to shut down Pornhub, and help keep our children safe.

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Predators are determined to lure children. But not as determined as we are to protect them.

It’s a dangerous time to be a child. At any given moment, kids are two clicks away from the most violent, hardcore pornography out there, on sites like Pornhub—featuring videos of actual children being raped. Even in legal porn, the most popular categories consistently feature teens who are made to look like little girls.

Traffickers know there’s a demand for this kind of content so they target underage girls to pull into the sex industry. Meanwhile, popular culture relentlessly indoctrinates kids with the message that their primary value is their sex appeal.

In addition to our ongoing fight to shut down Pornhub, we’ve spent the last few years crafting several films and a book that will educate society on how kids are being caught in a whirlwind of exploitation and abuse, and how we can fight back. And we’ll be actively working to pass effective new laws to protect them.

You can support these critical projects and help keep our children safe at a time they need it the most.

Help us raise $300k by December 31st, 2020.

Join millions who agree that children should be protected.

For over a decade, with the support of activists like you, we've released paradigm-shifting media content, helped to change international laws, and reached women bound in sexual exploitation on four continents.

Recently, our Traffickinghub campaign to hold Pornhub accountable for profiting off rape and trafficking content has gathered over 2 million petition signatures and virally gained 33 million video views.

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Here's how you're helping protect children in 2021.

In 2021, help fuel several high impact projects to educate society on how children are in danger and how we can protect them.

  • Book: The XXX Factor – This book details how porn has become a public health crisis and what we can do about it. Estimated release: Winter 2021
  • Film: Growing Up on Porn - This film sounds the alarm on how pornography profoundly and toxically alters the development of children. Estimated release: Winter 2021
  • Film: Beyond Fantasy - This three part series exposes the hidden exploitation of the porn industry and the “Youth” episode uncovers how far the industry is willing to push the boundaries to create “barely legal” porn, which fetishizes children. Estimated release: Spring 2021

Giving today protects our children for the long haul.

How your gift can make a difference:

  • Can help get the film Growing Up on Porn finished and distributed so it can reach millions of viewers worldwide with the truth about porn’s devastating impact on kids.
  • Can provide trauma therapy counseling for survivors of child trafficking on Pornhub.
  • Can resource the Traffickinghub campaign to shut down Pornhub and stop the normalization of child sexualization.
  • Can help send an advocate to Washington, D.C. to meet with lawmakers about child protection laws.
  • Can provide childcare for children of exploited women wishing to attend our weekly support group.
  • Can send a copy of XXX Factor, a book about the harm of porn upon children, to every lawmaker in DC. Open their eyes to what porn is doing to an entire generation.

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