Our world is in a moment of radical change and your support will help usher in
a new era of protecting the vulnerable
from trafficking and sexual exploitation.
Our world is in a moment of radical change and your support will help usher in
a new era
of protecting the vulnerable
from trafficking and sexual exploitation.

$300,000 by December 31, 2023


Help hit the goal and make history.

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The stakes couldn't be higher

We’re living in a moment when cultural forces are trying to normalize the sexual exploitation of women and children on a global scale. It’s happening through porn, through prostitution, and even through pop culture.

But with the support of justice-loving advocates like you, we’ve been pushing back—and we’re winning historic battles!

Below are some of the breakthroughs we’ve accomplished and our plan for how we can shape history together in 2024:

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We’re Making History in the Fight to Protect Children from Porn

How can we put this? What’s happening right now online for child protection is nothing short of historic. When we began aggressively campaigning for porn sites to require ID-based age verification, we were told it would be nearly impossible to pass. Then, four million people watched our documentary Raised on Porn, nearly 100,000 signed our petition, and today 28 US states have introduced bills and 8 have already passed this legislation!

We’re even seeing momentum internationally. After we did a screening tour of our new film Buying Her, which tells the stories of sex buyers (who were hooked on porn in childhood), legislators in Amsterdam were inspired to add porn site age verification into one of their bills.

In the UK, we screened Buying Her in the House of Lords to support the Online Safety Bill to protect children online. This monumental bill passed weeks after our screening!

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In 2024…

We’ll be urging the remaining US states to pass this critical legislation, and entering production for our new film Girls On Porn, which will reveal how pornography is damaging the development of young girls.

Your support will help this campaign to forge ahead in the fight to protect millions of children from the life-altering effects of childhood porn exposure. Let’s make history!

  We’re Helping Victims to   escape & Survivors to Heal

We’ve had the honor of reaching out to 5000+ victims of sexual exploitation in 12 countries, offering them practical resources to exit a life of being sold for sex. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing the light come back into the eyes of a woman or girl who has escaped trafficking, prostitution, or exploitation in porn.

In order for survivors to build healthy new lives, it’s imperative for them to heal from the trauma they’ve endured. We’ve been able to provide hundreds of hours of trauma therapy, with astounding results. After just three months of therapy, survivors have reported an average of 51% decrease in depression, 37% decrease in self harm, and 39% decrease in suicidal thoughts.

5000+ reached
12 countries of outreach
800+ hours of therapy
51% decrease in depression
37% decrease in self harm
39% decrease in survivors' suicidal thoughts

“The therapy sessions have been life-changing. They are not only therapeutic but also empowering, enabling me to navigate challenges I never imagined I could survive, let alone conquer. Your belief in my ability to heal has ignited a fire of hope within me, and your continued support gives me the strength to face each day with renewed courage and determination.” -Trafficking survivor, therapy recipient

In 2024…

We will continue to reach out to women and girls being exploited in the sex industry and plan to provide hundreds of hours of life-changing trauma therapy from among the nations top trauma therapists.

These women and girls deserve to be free, and your support creates a pathway to that freedom. Let’s make their pain history.

Behind the scenes on the set of Raised on Porn

We’re impacting millions of viewers with our content

Shaping history requires impacting culture. Our eye-opening films and social content have garnered over 50 million views from people around the world—including legislators at the highest levels of government—educating them on the reality of trafficking and sexual exploitation.

As a direct result, many people have dedicated their lives to the cause, started organizations, and legislators have passed stronger anti-trafficking laws in multiple nations. Others have been equipped to protect their children from the porn industry, and still others have been inspired to quit porn and sex buying. Our films and content have inspired millions to join this growing movement to uproot sexual injustice from our world.

“I am 14 and have been struggling with porn since I was 8… This film really changed how I saw porn and got me to delete everything that I had. I will deeply reflect on it and try to get help.” -Viewer of Raised on Porn

Point of No Return Poster

Point of No Return

This “Hollywood” style film will tell the true story of a man who has helped rescue over a thousand children from sex trafficking. Point of No Return will strengthen the global movement to protect millions of children from exploitation.

Buying Her Poster

Buying Her

Buying Her exposes the untold stories of sex buyers, and how they’re fueling sex trafficking. This film will help support the passing of stronger anti-trafficking laws worldwide.

High Class Poster

High Class

High Class reveals how Vegas escorting is nothing more than a front for sex trafficking. This film will help support the passing of stronger anti-trafficking laws worldwide.

In 2024…

We’re reaching tens of millions, but our vision is for hundreds of millions. We have three major film projects in the works, each of which will illuminate a dark corner of the sex industry, and call for critical change. We’re also ramping up to launch our own free streaming platform that will house all our film content and exponentially increase the impact we can have on millions of viewers.

Media shapes history, and that’s why we invite you to invest in telling stories that advance the cause of freedom. Give to help open the eyes of millions so we can uproot trafficking from our world.

Will you help make history?
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