Laws play a vital role in abolishing slavery.

We engage governments by advocating for legal reform, both domestically and internationally.

How laws can end the sex industry.

The Law Reform Team from Exodus Cry works with governments and legislators in the United States and in nations around the world to implement legislation that creates criminal culpability for sex buyers, pimps, and traffickers, and brings freedom and support to victims.

History has shown that the rule law is an integral part of establishing an equitable society that holds perpetrators accountable and fosters support for the vulnerable. We are asking political powers to enact and enforce laws that will eradicate exploitation in the sex industry and eliminate sex trafficking. This is absolutely necessary to restore and preserve freedom and justice in society.

Our reform efforts include:

Shifting mindsets by educating legislators

Shifting mindsets by educating legislators

We host screenings of Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, conduct briefings, and present information to legislators in order to educate them about the issue of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, offering ways to eradicate it. We want legislators to understand that prostitution is not a job but rather a form of violence against women and children. We back this claim with credible research and fact-based evidence.

Advocating for the adoption of new laws

Advocating for the adoption of new laws

We seek to prevent the perpetuation of sex trafficking and abolish commercial sexual exploitation globally by advocating for specific laws and policies that reduce the demand for commercial sex. Our team examines existing laws and looks for ways to improve them. They also help to draft new legislation aimed at the abolition of commercial sexual exploitation

Creating resources

Creating Resources

We provide legislators with expert testimony and the resources and research to help them present a convincing case before their fellow legislators. We also offer screenings of our award-winning documentaries at governmental hearings.

Our impact

Past legal reform

Advised governments and legislators in 13 countries
Recieved consultative status with United Nations
Helped introduce Sex Trafficking Demand Reduction Act
  • Provide an exploited woman with a Hope Bag full of hygiene and beauty products and an exit resource packet
  • Provide gifts to exploited women in strip clubs
  • Mobilize support for legislation that will target demand and help eradicate sex trafficking
  • Educate tens of thousands about commercial exploitation through a week’s worth of engaging content
  • Send an Intervention Team on one local outreach
  • Resource the campaign to fight “Big Porn”
  • Fuel the creation of paradigm shifting documentaries designed to expose systems of trafficking and exploitation
  • Help fund a major outreach operation at a national or international sporting event

We’ve started the fight. Strengthen the movement and bring freedom to those caught in the commercial sex industry.

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