Let’s protect our children from being raised on porn.

Big Porn and Big Tech are harvesting the innocence of children and raking in billions. Your gift will empower effective online child protection measures worldwide.

Become an advocate for children by starting your own Protect Children not Porn fundraiser.

Raise resources while you raise awareness.

Join others in making a real impact.

millions of eyes

It’s time to see what children see every day. Your gift can help reach the world with our animated video, Protect Children Not Porn, and our documentary film, Raised on Porn. This media content will help educate the masses, and raise an outcry that demands reform.

millions of voices

The desire to protect kids from sexual harm is universal and unites people from all backgrounds and beliefs. You can help get this dire message to the masses and boost global visibility for the campaign petition, which demands age verification on all sites with adult content.

millions of lives

Your gift will help us direct public pressure toward Big Porn, Big Tech, and legislators to pass legislation requiring age verification. This would bring an unprecedented protection for millions of children from the life-altering consequences of underage porn exposure.



Become a safegaurd for vulnerable children.



Become a powerhouse of protection for kids online.



Become an impenetrable barrier for children globally.

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