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Join the Exodus Cry team as they discuss the most current updates on all aspects of the commercial sex industry, including sex trafficking, prostitution, pornography, and stripping. They'll dive into controversial and often hotly debated topics surrounding global sex industry policy, ideology, gender and sexuality, and even the spiritual aspects of injustice.

Ep. 69: 10 Years of Abolition July 18th, 2019

Benjamin Nolot and Laila Mickelwait reflect on ten years of Exodus Cry’s abolition work recounting the origin of Exodus Cry’s focus on abolition of the sex industry, victories over the years, lessons learned and more.

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Ep. 68: Porn Convention Outreach July 1st, 2019

Helen Taylor recalls stories and experiences from a recent outreach at a major porn convention.

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Ep. 67: Preparing and Protecting Your Children Living in A Porn Culture: Liz Walker May 20th, 2019

Liz Walker is an accredited sexuality educator, speaker and author, dedicated to culture shifting initiatives that respond to pornography harms on children & young people.

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Ep. 66: Interview With Meghan Murphy on the Radical Feminist Critique of the Sex Industry April 18th, 2019

In this episode, Meghan Murphy unpacks the evolution of her feminism and how it led her to develop a potent critique of the sex industry that is based on a radical feminist foundation.

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Ep. 65: Survivor Christina Rangel: The Prostitution Experience and Finding Freedom March 21st, 2019

Sex trafficking survivor Christina Rangel, the founder and director of Extreme Love Anti-trafficking (ELAT) at Bethel Redding church in California, talks about what it was like being sold for sex and how she found freedom.

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Ep. 64: Sex Trafficking Survivor Christina Rangel’s Story of Recruitment and Exploitation February 18th, 2019

Our interview with Christina Rangel, a survivor of sex trafficking and the founder and director of Extreme Love Anti-trafficking (ELAT) at Bethel Redding church in California.

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Ep. 63: Reflecting on 10 Years: Intervention Part 2 January 15th, 2019

Benjamin, Laila and Helen continue to reflect on the past ten years of Exodus Cry’s intervention work.

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Ep. 62: Reflecting on 10 Years: Intervention Part 1 December 20th, 2018

In this episode Benjamin, Helen and Laila reflect on the evolution of Exodus Cry’s work in the realm of intervention. Stories are shared as they remember the history and development of the organization’s intervention efforts.

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