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About the Podcast

Join the Exodus Cry team as they discuss the most current updates on all aspects of the commercial sex industry, including sex trafficking, prostitution, pornography, and stripping. They'll dive into controversial and often hotly debated topics surrounding global sex industry policy, ideology, gender and sexuality, and even the spiritual aspects of injustice.

Ep. 57: Interview with Shay Douglas From Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution June 5th, 2018

Shay Douglas was featured in Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution. Since the making of Liberated Shay has been on a personal journey of transformation.

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Ep. 56: Update on the Initiative to END Legal Brothels in Nevada May 24th, 2018

There is an unprecedented move to abolish the last bastion of legal prostitution in the United States. In this episode Melissa Holland, Founder and Executive Director of Awaken, explains what is currently happening.

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Ep. 55: Interview With Former Sex Buyer Gene McConnell April 27th, 2018

Gene McConnell is the founder and president of Authentic Relationships International, a non-profit organization dedicated to liberating people from toxic influences and beliefs. For over 31 years, he has trained therapists, pastors, law enforcement, medical professionals, and others about domestic violence, sexual abuse, shame, and building and maintaining healthy relationships.

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Ep. 54: Interview with Dr. Melissa Farley, Founder of Prostitution Research and Education March 13th, 2018

Dr. Melissa Farley has practiced as a clinical psychologist and researcher for 40 years. She brings that experience to her consultations with agencies, governments, and advocates for prostituted and trafficked women.

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Ep. 53: Interview With SJ Murray, EMMY-Nominated and Award-Winning Screenwriter and Filmmaker February 27th, 2018

Sarah Jane (SJ) Murray is an Irish-born academic and EMMY-nominated and award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker and the Executive Producer of the documentary out on Netflix, Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution.

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Ep 52: Interview with Lisa Thompson on the “Sex Work” Myth and Prostitution Legislation February 20th, 2018

Lisa L. Thompson serves as the Vice President of Research and Education for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, where she oversees NCOSE’s strategic planning for increased public understanding of sexual exploitation related issues.

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Ep. 51: Interview with Dr. Gail Dines, Renowned Author, Professor, and Founder of Culture Reframed February 13th, 2018

Dr. Gail Dines is a professor of sociology and women’s studies at Wheelock College in Boston, an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and a feminist public intellectual.

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Ep. 50: Interview with Don Brewster, Founder of Agape International Missions, Cambodia February 6th, 2018

In Cambodia, thousands of children are victims of sexual exploitation every year. Through Christ-centered rescue and restoration, Don Brewster is proving that lives and communities can be transformed.

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