“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Albert Einstein

The problem is deeper than sex trafficking.

Sex trafficking is a global threat to vulnerable women, children, and even men worldwide. When a person has been forced, deceived, or coerced into being sold for sex they have become a victim of sex trafficking.

Understand more about trafficking

Sex trafficking is one of the most insidious injustices of our time, but it's the tip of the iceberg. If we truly want to abolish trafficking, we must uproot the underlying issues that cause it. The entire global sex industry, including prostitution, pornography, and stripping, is a system of violence, exploitation, and gender inequality. It's fueled by the demand of men and profits predatory stakeholders like pimps and traffickers.


Most women and children in prostitution have a history of prior abuses, deprivation, marginalization, or other underlying issues that have made them uniquely vulnerable.


Women dancing at strip clubs often do so out of financial desperation or have been coerced into doing so by a third-party exploiter like a “boyfriend,” pimp, or trafficker.


Many of the same tactics used by traffickers to lure the vulnerable into prostitution and stripping are used by pornographers to recruit “performers.” Often times perpetrators of rape, trafficking, and sexual assault upload videos of their crimes to popular porn tube sites like Pornhub, further exploiting their victims.

Our battlefronts

The fight for freedom must be waged in these key battlefronts.


There are 40 to 42 million people in prostitution across the globe.1 99 Billion dollars per year is generated from forced prostitution alone. 2

Many are forced into a life of prostitution, and others find themselves in prostitution due to desperation. Regardless of how they got there, we fight for the freedom and dignity of every single one.

Is prostitution a choice?


Adult sex offenders—including child molesters and rapists—have been shown to have significantly higher rates of hardcore porn use than non-offenders. 3

Pornography is prostitution with a camera turned on. Porn propagates sexual objectification on a global scale and has become the most effective marketing vehicle driving men to purchase sex.

Telling the true story about porn

Porn Culture

20% of women, or 1 in 5, have been sexually assaulted while enrolled at a four year university. 4

The pornified stories told through pop-culture cast men as sexual studs, women as sexual objects, and sex as a meaningless recreational act. It supports the growth of the sex industry and fosters rape culture.

Our culture needs to be Liberated
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Three simple ways you can fight for freedom.

These brave ones broke free from the cycle of sexual exploitation. Read their stories.

How we fight sexual exploitation

Our work involves uprooting the underlying causes in our culture that allow the industry of sexual exploitation to thrive and helping those who have been sexually exploited. We believe in writing a better story, where every person is offered real choices, empowerment, and true freedom.

Our solution

We’ve started the fight. Strengthen the movement and bring freedom to those caught in the commercial sex industry.