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End child exposure to "adult" content.

Children today are two clicks away from the most graphic and degrading sex acts imaginable, and Big Porn and Big Tech are responsible.

We’re calling for all sites hosting porn to require that users be age verified, with ID, before they can access content.

Raised on Porn - The New Sex-ed
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Raised on Porn exposes the ways pornography has become the new sex education for children and unpacks the dangerous lifelong implications of this global phenomenon.  

This assault isn’t close to home. It's in the home.

More than any time in history, children aren't just being exposed to hardcore pornographic content, they're being raised on it.

Research shows that when children are exposed to porn it undermines their social, emotional, and cognitive development. Repeat exposure can both rewire the brain and shape their sexual templates in ways that could negatively affect them for years to come.

This is why many researchers and child protection experts view early exposure to porn as a form of child abuse. And in some cases, it can profoundly alter the trajectory of their entire lives.

With no age restrictions on most sites hosting pornographic content, these "adult" companies—who profit off the web traffic—are allowing kids an all-access pass to videos of the most deviant sexual scenarios imaginable, all within a few clicks. This isn't hidden on the deep web. Most of the free and easily accessible porn sites are infested with hardcore, often violent, porn and this material has become our children's constant teacher.

What are the implications of a child hooked on hardcore porn?

What are the implications of a child hooked on hardcore porn?

  • Increased likelihood of committing sexual harassment and rape
  • More likely to use coercive tactics, including sexting and sextortion
  • They will want to try out what they see in porn, which can include violence and the sexual abuse of children
  • Increased levels of anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation
  • Shrinkage in the part of the brain involved with decision making, motivation, and academic performance; erosion of willpower
  • Boys who've had continuous porn exposure without alternative education will pressure their partners to engage in porn-style sexual activity, experience increased difficulty in developing intimate relationships, and have increased levels of erectile dysfunction
  • Girls exposed to hypersexualized media will have an increased tendency to develop eating disorders, practice self-harm, engage in risky sexual behaviors, and are at a greater risk for sexting and sexual victimization

The stakes are simply too high. We must act now.

11: Average age of porn exposure
Kids ages 10-15 are over 5 times more likely to exhibit sexually aggressive behavior if violent porn is consumed.
62% of kids 11-13 reported having seen porn mostly unintentionally

Raise your voice with us.

Raise your voice with us.

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To prevent child exposure to pornography, we’re calling for sites hosting porn to require its users to prove their age with a government-issued ID before they can access any content.

Requiring ID at the source of the explicit content is the most effective strategy for protecting kids because, without a valid adult ID, the system can't be easily circumvented like other child safeguards can be. Canada and France have already begun introducing legislation that could accomplish this goal. This is a critical hour and we need a united movement to rise up and boldly call for these protections to be enacted both in the U.S. and abroad.

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Society has found a way to keep children from unfettered access to cigarettes and tobacco.

We can easily ensure "adult" content stays out of children's reach.

Our past campaigns have drawn the attention and support of tens of millions globally, hundreds of allied organizations, and have inspired legislation and legal action against the most massive predatory entities in the sex industry.

Now, we're bringing our greatest collective strength to this fight in our own backyards.

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