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“The question we must ask ourselves is this: if the men who buy them for sex can find them, why can’t we?” –Blaire Fraim

Millions upon millions of women and children are sexually exploited for profit around the world each year. The International Labor Organization conservatively estimates that 4.5 million people are caught in sex trafficking worldwide. Reports show there are 40 to 42 million prostituted persons in the world—three quarters of which are between the ages of 13 and 25, and 80% of which are female.

The statistics can seem overwhelming. If you’re like many compassionate individuals, you may be thinking, “What can I do to fight sex trafficking? How can I reach those who are being sexually exploited?”

We believe there is strength in numbers. Over the years we’ve prayed for ways to strategically reach these countless sexually exploited women and children. We’ve come to realize that in order to reach more women across the globe, others, like YOU, must be trained to do outreach.

A while back we began hosting training events to empower many to reach women who are caught in exploitation. To this day, we’ve trained around 2,500 people in outreach across the globe.

But we just developed a brand new resource to train many more without them having to attend an in-person training…

Our first official Intervention Manual

After three years of development, we are thrilled to announce the release of our first official Intervention Manual! This thorough and easy-to-understand 190-page guide will teach you how to directly reach those in your community who are being exploited in the sex industry.

This thorough and easy-to-understand 190-page guide will teach you how to directly reach those in your community who are being exploited in the sex industry.

The book is composed by several Exodus Cry contributors—including our very own Director of Intervention, Helen Taylor. It’s based on a decade of experience building relationship with those bound in commercial sexual exploitation.

“I believe that through this survivor-informed manual and the resources included in the kit, you will benefit from our experiences and testimonies and feel empowered to join a growing army of modern-day abolitionists that God is raising up from the grassroots level,” asserts Helen.

It’s also survivor-informed. Our friend and Exodus Cry board member Rebecca Bender—who was trafficked for six years and is now an esteemed leader in the abolition movement—helped to edit and give invaluable contribution to this manual.

We believe in not discriminating who we reach out to based on what kind of sexual exploitation an individual is caught in. If their sexuality is being sold for a profit in some way, they deserve the offer of an empathetic, helping hand. For that reason, this guide offers help in reaching a wide range of exploited individuals.

What you’ll learn

The manual provides in-depth information about what exactly intervention outreach is and how to do it effectively.

It includes practical insight into how to both find and reach individuals exploited online, on the street, in strip clubs, and even in jail. You’ll learn how to build an outreach community and the key heart values for a thriving outreach team.

The guide will teach you how to form relationship with exploited individuals, tips for understanding pimp tactics, imperative security measures, a collection of useful phone texting scripts, and a host of other invaluable resources.

Because we firmly believe this kind of work should be done in teams, it’s offered in a kit. We specially designed it for use with groups—be that in churches, small groups, or otherwise.

The Intervention Manual Training Kit is packed full of resources, including:

Whether you’re passionate about reaching those exploited in street prostitution, strip clubs, jails, or online, this manual will give you a clear path forward to making a difference where others have turned a blind eye.

Many lives have been reached and restored this far, but the fight is far from over. We have a vision to see TENS OF THOUSANDS trained in outreach, empowered to bring the offer of a new life to those who desperately long for it. They need someone who understands their unique situation and has the tools to help.

If you’ve ever asked the question “What can I do to fight sex trafficking?” we hope you feel more empowered than ever to join the fight in this direct and personal way. The growing abolition movement needs your dedicated hand and your compassionate heart!

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