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Ep. 41: The Prophetic Backdrop of the Sexual Revolution December 5th, 2017 Benjamin unveils the spiritual and prophetic backdrop of the sexual revolution and how it relates to the emergence of a culture of sexual exploitation. Listen to Episode Ep. 40: How to Strategically Understand Commercial Sexual Exploitation November 28th, 2017 In this episode Benjamin builds a clear framework for understanding commercial sexual exploitation using helpful word pictures. Listen to Episode Ep.39: Interview With John Eldredge on Masculinity, Pornography, and The Human Heart November 21st, 2017

John Eldredge is the best-selling author of Wild at Heart, The Sacred Romance, The Journey of Desire, Fathered by God, Beautiful Outlaw, Moving Mountains, his newest book All Things New, and many more.

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Ep. 38: Interview with Dr. Caroline Heldman November 14th, 2017

Dr. Caroline is an Associate Professor of Politics at Occidental College in Los Angeles and the research director for the Geena Davis Institute for Gender in Media.

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Ep. 37: How to Take Action: Reclaim Your Identity Part 4 November 7th, 2017

We must regain our value for sex. A sexuality that is guided by love and compassion will never lead a person to participate in the commercial sex industry. All that we have heard about sex being a meaningless recreational act is a lie. The truth is that sex is powerful. Sex is meaningful. Sex has indescribable value.

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Ep. 36: How to Take Action: Reclaim Your Identity Part 3 October 31st, 2017

Woman are so much more than what pop culture has constructed. Women are three-dimensional beings full of complexity and beauty. Similarly men are not mindless, roving sexual beasts without conscience.

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Ep. 35: How to Take Action: Reclaim Your Identity Part 2 October 24th, 2017

Jesus’ life was characterized by love and empathy. When He came into the world, He didn’t just show us how to be, He showed us who we were made to be. In Jesus, we find the highest essence of our nature.

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Ep. 34: #MeToo #ItWasMe October 21st, 2017 In light of the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal Benjamin and Laila discuss the emergence of two powerful trending hashtags, #MeToo and #ItWasMe Listen to Episode