Honest Reactions to Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution

From celebrities to professors, sexual assault victims to college partiers, here are some of the honest and inspiring things people are saying about Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution.

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Media and Celebrity Responses to Liberated

“Liberated is a powerful film that not only exposes the realities of hookup culture and roots of sexual violence, it points to the possibility of freedom. Freedom from confining gender scripts. Freedom for connection and authentic self-expression. All the compelling stories in the film illuminate this truth: it is time for a new sexual revolution.” —Brooke Elise Axtell, Founder & Director of She is Rising, 2015 Grammys Speaker

“I wish I had seen this before going on spring break… Hugely impactful, goosebump-inducing. I’ve never felt something so much… It was such a good film, because when you leave feeling this way and wanting to talk about it… even though it was a terrible situation and terrible things happened, I’m so glad I watched it.”
—Buzzfeed’s Adultsh1t Podcast, Kelsey Darragh

“This is not an easy film to watch, nor is it for everyone. But it’s a necessary film to hold a mirror to our culture.” —Timothy Winterstein, from Newport Beach Film Festival & The Jagged Word (pastor)

“The documentary is entertaining, informative and heartbreaking all in one breath, a difficult task to pull off for any filmmaker.” —Evan Vetter (filmmaker)

“The film balances disgust and truth in a way that makes for a compelling watch, trapping audiences in its gaze and forcing them to confront this new- and often hidden- reality. Casting blame on the way culture shapes gender identity within the casual sex lifestyle was a truthful, daring statement.” —True/False Film Festival

“It is a very intriguing look at male and female sexuality, our generations view on relationships and how pop culture has shaped our views!” —Gianna Fazzini, Odyssey

“This powerful and unflinching slice of life could be seen as a useful PSA and essential viewing… Liberated aims to reinforce the empowering anti-sexual assault crusade by creating and encouraging brutally honest conversations.” —Tara Fass, Mogul

Viewer Responses to Liberated

“Was on Netflix with my buddies tonight and typed in “spring break” thinking we would find some funny raunchy spring break movie to watch. Ended up clicking play on your movie and had half of us guys in tears at the end of it…convicted of things we’ve done and this sickening culture we have encouraged… Breaks my heart to really hear and understand what these girls our age go through. I will be sharing your documentary with whoever I can. Thanks so much I can honestly say this changed my outlook on life.” —Zach S.

“This is a must watch film for everyone interested in media, popular culture and women’s studies.” —Martina Topic, Senior Lecturer in Public Relations at Leeds Beckett University

“As a student who has made many of these mistakes I believe all college students should watch this from start to finish and learn what it means to live a more fulfilling life not only sexually but socially. If we do not adapt we are bound to repeat…” —Netflix reviewer

“…raw and bold… This film will be on my must watch list once my new module on popular culture starts.” —Alison Phillips, Adjunct College Instructor & Coordinator of the Kansas City Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation

“I have two sons in college, and I guess I didn’t really know that the mindsets of their generation had gone so far in believing that love doesn’t even exist… My hope is that people will see this film and stop just doing what they think is expected of them. That they will remember that their bodies are their own, and so are their choices. This film was hard to watch, but so good.” —Top rated review on Netflix

“Real. Raw. Hard to watch. Thought provoking. If you are 16 or older, you NEED to see this. This is a documentary that forces you to think about our culture, you can’t have a “neutral” opinion on these issues after watching this. This film has the potential to change lives for the better. The end may leave you with more questions than answers, but check out their website for next steps.” —Netflix reviewer

“I want to tell you all how incredible this movie has been for me. As a woman who feels society’s pressures and has experienced sexual assault, I can tell you just how crucial this documentary is. I originally saw an ad for it on Facebook so my roommates and I decided to throw it on in the background while we hung out. Fifteen minutes in, I was obsessed and made everyone sit down and watch with me. I saw so much in the film’s characters that resonated with me. I felt like I knew the guys objectifying and violating the women as well as the women who were forced to deal with it. In a culture that differs so intensely between sexual expectations and modest values, this film is a powerful look into the truth behind growing up in America (and likely many other countries as well). Thank you so much for creating this film, it is my favorite movie and I have told everyone close to me so much about it that they probably feel like they’ve already seen it (but I’ll make them watch it anyway). Keep telling our truth.” —Maddie Parise

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